About Us

Proud To Be a Family Owned Business Based In The USA!

Welcome to Healthy Habits®, we’re excited to have you as our guest. Please take a moment to read more about who Healthy Habits® is and where it all began.

40 Years Of Wellness, Where it All Began.

Healthy Habits is the result of a long tradition of providing health and wellness services and products to customers searching for all natural alternatives to the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies.  From the start, the goal was to help people get well, stay well and make the most of their life.

Our founder is a wellness industry pioneer. Nearly 40 years ago he opened a small wellness clinic to help his clients who were in dire need of quality supplements and nutritional guidance. At that time, the selection of supplements was scarce. And those that were available didn’t meet our quality standards.  So, he began formulating and producing supplements for use within his clinic. Each supplement was meticulously formulated with one goal in mind – it had to produce the clinical results and positive change that his clients needed.  He achieved this goal, his supplements were amazing, his clinic was a huge success, the Healthy Habits supplement brand was born and the rest is history.

History is What Defines Healthy Habits®

As the president of Healthy Habits®, I value the foundations of our company which was built upon the learnings gleaned from operating a small wellness clinic in the 1970’s and working one on one with clients.

Healthy Habits corporate passion for helping people is ingrained in our history and it’s something we’ll never forget or ignore. Whether it’s the inspiring stories, the tears, the hugs or the thank you’s as people regained their health and their hope – it’s these relationships that drive our corporate culture.  These unique experiences are the foundation of Healthy Habits and why Healthy Habits® is unlike any other supplement company you’ll find.

Our Secret is Simple… Effective Ingredients combined with Principles.

To be honest, there is no “Secret” to how we formulate our products, other than following our founders principle of “Doing it right” by using ingredients that have been shown to be effective – in their effective dosages. and to adhering to these 6 principles:

  • You don’t cut corners
  • You don’t use DCP
  • You don’t use cheap synthetic ingredients
  • You always improve based on new research
  • You never put yourself or your profits before the needs of your customers
  • You understand that you are not in control of your business, your customers are. And there are only 2 things that you can do to ensure the success of your business. First, quality counts and you must create products that affect positive change in the health of the customer. Secondly, treat people right. Then, and only then will you build a loyal, long term relationship with your customers.

Healthy Habits®, A Dream Come True

What started as one clinic helping a handful of people daily has grown into a business helping tens of thousands daily. One thing I can promise you is that our passion for helping others and our refusal to compromise quality remains unchanged. Our history is not only who we were, it’s who we are and it’s who we will always be.  Our 40+ years of doing it right is the backbone of each and every one of our formulations. We welcome you to the Healthy Habits® Family & we look forward to you experiencing the Healthy Habits® difference.

We Want to Hear from You
We have a strong desire to maintain regular communication with our customers. We love to hear
about your success with our products. Call our Customer Service line at 800-604-6766 or send us an
email or letter (we respond to all of them). We consider your feedback invaluable as it helps us to
steer the company in the direction that best suits your needs.

Old Fashioned Values

Customer Service:

‘The customer is always right’ is not just a slogan, we actually mean it.

Live Help:

We do not believe in impersonal automated phone systems. You call – we answer!


We will never compromise your health or intelligence with inferior products. Quality is never an accident! Compare our ingredients with others and see the difference.

90-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee:

We recognize that not all products will produce the same benefits for everyone. However, we are confident that given the opportunity you will find a product or a mix of our products that work wonders for you. We also know once you find the  right products, you will be a customer for life.