Diabetes Cure

The Deadly Diabetes Duo

The deadly diabetes duo is wheat and lack of exercise. Despite all the “science” in medical therapy for type 2 diabetes, it still remains a man-made disease. This disease is caused by eating processed foods loaded with wheat, sugar and corn syrup, all the while staying on the couch and avoiding exercise. It is as simple as that.

For those of you who do not believe this, all you need is an accurate glucose monitor for diabetes testing.  Within 30 days of following the instructions in this article, you will have proven it to yourself.  To eliminate blood sugar problems, all you need to do is eat only real foods with lots of protein, avoid wheat and sugar, exercise and take the correct supplements.  That’s it!

Skeptical? Test It!

Think wheat and lack of exercise are not the deadly duo?  Take this test.  If you are diabetic, you probably already know your average blood sugar fluctuations.  Now, stop all wheat and any food with wheat in it.  (Be sure to read ingredient labels — you will be surprised.)  Join a gym and start exercising your muscles. The best way I have found is “slow burn” weight lifting.

After one month on this regimen, compare your blood sugar readings with previous readings.  If you have not cheated, you will be absolutely amazed.  Have a blood test after a month on this treatment plan and compare your blood glucose readings, your triglycerides  and your HDL/LDL ratio to those from past months.

If you still need more evidence, watch your blood sugar drop within hours after one of your strong, “slow burn” exercise sessions- and how long it stays down following exercise.  Nothing has a more powerful and longer-lasting glucose-moderating effect than strong, muscular, weight-bearing exercise (weight lifting).

Wheat and Diabetes

Stop eating wheat! If you would like a book recommendation to help you design  a healthy diet, get a copy of Low-Fat Lies or Protein Power.

Exercise and Diabetes

Remember, muscular exercise is the only time the body takes sugar out of the blood and into the muscles without insulin.  That defines the cure for type 2 diabetes.  You can test your own blood sugar for the proof.  I am aware that most people don’t like to exercise.  That is one of the reasons why “slow burn” exercising is the best.

How to Be Insulin-Free in 90 Days

Without exercise and the elimination of, or dramatic reduction in, wheat intake, you simply will never overcome diabetes.  Conversely, with these two factors and the right supplements, you can be insulin-free within 90 days.  Supplements are also needed to overcome longtime nutritional deficiencies brought about by a diabetes diet.