1) What is HEALTHY-OH Hydroxide Water Concentrate

A: A water molecule consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms held together by a covalent bond. A covalent bond is a chemical bond in which atoms share electron pairs. The water molecule is also a polar molecule with an electrical dipole moment. This means it has both a positive and a negative side or pole. Water as a substance can form a large number of intermolecular hydrogen bonds. All of these factors lead to the strong attractive forces water exhibits and make water a good polar solvent. This fact also makes water a universal solvent, meaning substances dissolve in water rather than water losing its chemical integrity. This, however, is just the beginning.

Even pure water consists of more than just water molecules. It also has ions called hydroxide (a negative ion that donates a hydrogen proton) and hydronium (a positive ion that accepts a hydrogen proton). These ions develop in water through a process called self-ionization in which water molecules freely exchange a hydrogen proton forming both hydroxide (OH, a negative ion or anion) and hydronium (H3O+, a positive ion or cation). These ions exist in very small amounts in the overall aqueous solution but they do play an important role in water. These ions occur because water has an amphiprotic nature, meaning it can act as both an acid and a base. This then is the power of water; it can transform itself to suit its environment and always seeks to maintain an equilibrium between the positive and the negative. We seek to harness this power with our product.

2) How is it made

A: Using natural processes, we create a saturated hydroxide solution (hydroxide concentrate). This hydroxide concentrate is a potent water creator teeming with hydroxide anions (OH) that seek out acidic hydrogen ions (H+). When the two combine, they create harmless water. This, in turn, protects the vital blood oxygen levels, allowing the body to operate more efficiently.

Our product transforms and energizes the natural properties of water to remove acidity from the body. By drinking HEALTHY-OH you release the inherent acid hunting capacity of the hydroxide anion. When it combines with hydrogen, it forms a harmless water molecule and returns to a state of equilibrium. This protects the blood oxygen levels and restores harmony to the body.

3) The best way to drink HEALTHY-OH

A: We recommend diluting HEALTHY-OH in distilled water and drinking it on an EMPTY stomach. Why? Because there is nothing in distilled water that can react with HEALTHY-OH  and reduce its efficacy. In addition, if you consume on an empty stomach, you have a greater chance of getting the most HEALTHY-OH into the small intestine where it can be absorbed into the blood stream and do its magic. Do this if you want to get the most benefit from our product.

If you cannot obtain distilled water, the best alternative is reverse osmosis (RO) water. RO water is not as pure as distilled but it will have less components that might react with the OH- ions.

With this in mind, the ideal time to drink diluted HEALTHY-OH is the first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything else. You can mix your diluted HEALTHY-OH the night before (stored in a sealed container) and have it ready first thing in the morning when you arise! Hydrating your body first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. We recommend a minimum 4 to 8 ounces of diluted HEALTHY-OH first thing in the morning and the remainder throughout the day based on body weight.

After drinking your morning diluted HEALTHY-OH wait 20 minutes before having your coffee or breakfast. Drinking or eating too soon after consuming diluted HEALTHY-OH may prompt a digestive acid reaction with HEALTHY-OH. Waiting 20 minutes will allow the optimum amount of HEALTHY-OH to pass into the small intestine before waking up your stomach.

Drinking your diluted HEALTHY-OH first thing in the morning might not work for everyone. If you have eaten something, it is best to wait about an hour before drinking your diluted HEALTHY-OH so that the stomach acids will have subsided, thus minimizing any acid reaction with HEALTHY-OH.

We also recommend to STOP drinking diluted HEALTHY-OH 3-4 hours before bedtime. Some users find that the ‘energy boost’ from diluted HEALTHY-OH keeps them awake.

3) Why Use Distilled Water?

A: Hydroxide is a very reactive anion (negative ion). The negativity it possesses actively seeks out a positive counterbalance. The ideal counterbalance is of course a hydrogen ion (a hydrogen proton or cation). However, when a hydrogen ion is not available, hydroxide will bond with any positive ion. If the water you add to the HEALTHY-OH concentrate has impurities or additives that contain positive ions, the hydroxide will attach to these positive ions. This negates its intended role of seeking out hydrogen ions with which to combine. This will in turn decrease the effectiveness of the product. Please do NOT add fruit or citrus juices, sweeteners, or anything else to diluted HEALTHY-OH. Pure Stevia leaf extract is the only exception to this rule. PURE Stevia leaf does NOT react with HEALTHY-OH.

Distilled water provides the purest vehicle with the least potential for impurities that can react with the hydroxide and diminish its effectiveness. The second best choice if distilled water is not readily available would be reverse osmosis water.

4) Alkalinity vs. Acidity

A: Bombarding the body with alkalinity will not solve the problem of excess acidity and is not the goal of HEALTHY-OH. The body has a remarkable pH balancing system and is able to keep separate parts of the body either acidic, neutral, or alkaline depending on what biological processes are taking place. HEALTHY-OH does not seek to increase alkalinity in the body but rather seeks to support the body as it regulates itself. It just so happens that HEALTHY-OH is very alkaline but this alkalinity is not the mechanism of providing benefit to the body. It is the acid hunting capability of the hydroxide ion in our HEALTHY-OH that provides the benefit.

HEALTHY-OH is not an alkaline water. Most alkaline waters obtain their alkalinity by adding minerals to the water. We do not do this. HEALTHY-OH’s alkalinity comes from the presence of the hydroxide ion.

5) Do Alkaline Ionizing machines provide the same results as HEALTHY-OH water?

A: The answer is yes and no. There are many different alkaline ionizing machines on the market, each claiming a different method of operation or benefit. Since many of these claims are marketing driven, we will stick to only the true science involved and not the hype. Alkaline ionizing water machines use electricity to remove one hydrogen proton from a water molecule and therefore form hydroxide (OH) and hydrogen (H+). Ionizers produce both and alkaline and an acidic water effluent (discharge). This ionized hydroxide solution is for drinking while the acidic hydrogen effluent is for cleaning or is discarded. All alkaline ionizers require the presence of minerals to form the alkaline hydroxide.

Here are the differences between alkaline machines and HEALTHY-OH:

  • The first major drawback to ionizing machines or alkaline water machines is the initial cost. Most machines cost at least one thousand dollars and go up from there into thousands of dollars. Add to this the cost of replacement filters.
  • The machines require minerals, usually either calcium, potassium or magnesium for the ionization to take place. These can come from the source water or added in the filtration process. Our hydroxide concentrate has less minerals because we are able to remove almost all of them through our natural process.
  • Because the machines are creating the hydroxide, they cannot get the concentration of hydroxide we are able to obtain through our natural processing.
  • Claims of water molecule transformation by some machines are dubious at best. We make no such claims and only seek to use the natural properties inherent in water.
  • Claims that H2 helps the body are clearly questionable at this time, especially by ingestion.
  • Since electricity generates the ions, especially the hydroxide ion, there is a question about the longevity of these generated ions. Alkaline ionized water must be consumed within a short period or it will revert to just water with minerals, much like the initial water supply itself. The beneficial hydroxides are then lost. This is typically not an issue because users consume the water as soon as it is generated. However, it is important for the ionized water users to be aware of this. Our hydroxide will not dissipate in a short period as long as it is stored in closed container.
  • Considering that alkaline ionizing machines ionize all of the water and are not using distilled water, there is a high probability that other substances in the water are being ionized. These substances may not be beneficial to the body. Although incoming water filtration is recommended with these machines, that may not remove all volatile organic chemicals. There may still be undesirable chemicals that could be ionized. If ionization of minerals helps them penetrate the body then wouldn’t ionization of chemicals have the same effect and be harmful? HEALTHY-OH has none of these concerns because it contains ONLY hydroxide ions with NO added minerals.

6) HEALTHY-OH and Stomach Acid

A: The stomach is a very acidic environment and HEALTHY-OH is very alkaline. Logically one would assume the two cannot co-exist or operate in harmony but such an assumption would be in error. Although the stomach is a very acidic environment when food is present, it does not exist in a state of perpetual high acidity. The stomach only produces acid when it needs it for digestion and otherwise returns to a lower acidic state. Because there is always some acidity in the stomach, HEALTHY-OH will react with this acid. The goal is to limit this interaction and allow as much of the hydroxide present in HEALTHY-OH to pass through the stomach into the small intestine for absorption. Getting hydroxide into the blood stream in the highest concentration possible will provide the greatest benefit to the HEALTHY-OH user.

However, this does not mean that when the HEALTHY-OH reacts with stomach acid no benefit is derived. Quite the contrary. Neutralizing the acid present in the stomach, forces the body to produce more acid. When the body produces more acid, it also produces sodium bicarbonate. The acid is released into the stomach and the bicarbonate is released into the blood stream. This bicarbonate helps reduce the acidity in the blood, which is the same purpose the hydroxide serves. The HEALTHY-OH that is neutralized by the acid actually helps reduce the acidity in the blood through this bicarbonate production. The bicarbonate therefore compliments the overall goal of acid reduction via the hydroxide in HEALTHY-OH.

The conclusion… drinking diluted HEALTHY-OH on an empty stomach will allow the most hydroxide to pass through the stomach to get into the blood. The hydroxide that does interact with whatever minimal amount of stomach acid is present produces a secondary and complimentary function. It forces the body to direct more acid out of the blood stream and into the stomach, which is a benefit.

7) Does drinking dissolved baking soda provide the same results as HEALTHY-OH mixture?

A: Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline powder that neutralizes acids, including stomach acid. The body itself produces sodium bicarbonate in its attempt to regulate the pH of the blood. Introduction of dissolved baking soda into the acidic environment of the stomach will neutralize stomach acid, which in turn will force the body to produce more acid and sodium bicarbonate. This effect however, is only a secondary and complimentary mechanism in diluted HEALTHY-OH whereas it is the primary mechanism with baking soda.

Baking soda by its very nature contains a lot of sodium (NA+) so there is also the danger of too much sodium absorption. It is clear that although diluted HEALTHY-OH and baking soda share some similarities, their overall mechanism of operation is quite different. HEALTHY-OH is mainly a hydroxide ion provider that contains no added sodium!


A: Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) measures the transfer of electrons between chemical species. The more positive the reading the more likely the chemical specie is to accept electrons from another source. Conversely, the more negative the number the more likely the chemical specie is to donate electrons. In the case of hydroxide, it has an extra electron available and a correspondingly high negative ORP. The perfect combination if there is a lot of acid that needs to be removed.

Although ORP normally is seen as measuring the movement of electrons, meaning hydroxide would have an extra electron it is ready to donate; hydroxide uses its extra electron to attract protons and accomplishes its high negative ORP in this manner. Since acids have extra hydrogen protons, they have a correspondingly high positive ORP. This makes the attraction between hydroxide and acids natural and powerful.

In the case of hydroxide and acids, the extra electron in hydroxide does not transfer to the acid but rather the extra hydrogen proton in the acid is removed and attached to the hydroxide forming water. Therefore, the acid is reduced in accordance with its high positive ORP and the hydroxide is the catalyst of this reduction in accordance with its high negative ORP. Because of its high concentration of hydroxide, HEALTHY-OH has a very high negative ORP of -170.

9) Blood pH and HEALTHY-OH

A: The body has a remarkable ability to maintain a blood pH in a 7.35-7.45 range. Measurements outside of this range mean something is seriously wrong. For this reason, trying to measure blood pH will not determine either the need for or the efficacy of HEALTHY-OH. The blood can carry much acidity in it and still fall within this range. The more important measure is the oxygen content of the blood. HEALTHY-OH will help increase oxygen in the blood by freeing oxygen held captive by acids. This tends to stops acids from depleting the vital oxygen levels in the blood.

A better way to measure the presence of acidity is by using the Acidity Test Kit from www.longevityformulas.com.

10) Ozonated water and HEALTHY-OH

A: Ozonated water should not be used to create diluted HEALTHY-OH because the potential for creating hydrogen peroxide is present and unpredictable. Although hydrogen peroxide has many potential benefits, its production cannot be predicted or controlled when using HEALTHY-OH. It should therefore be avoided. Again, we only want you to get the maximum benefit of our product. Make sure the water you are using to dilute HEALTHY-OH does not say “ozonated” on the label.



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