B12 Energy Patch – Brochure



Q: What are the other benefits of Smart PS?

A: Smart PS is a blend of neurotransmitters that have been shown to support healthy cognitive function. Additionally, these ingredients are effective at blocking cortisol, the stress hormone.


Q: Does Omega 3X help with inflammation?

A: Multiple studies have concluded that Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful in reducing inflammation in the body.


Q: Is Night Tea habit forming like other sleep aids?

A: No. Night Tea is a natural blend of ingredients that are safe, effective and non-habit forming.


Q: How does Nattokinase lower blood pressure?

A: Nattokinase is a powerful natural blood thinner. It is an enzyme that breaks up fibrin clotting agents. This action is believed to help improve blood flow and help support healthy blood pressure.


Q: How does Feel Good Tea work to make you alert and relaxed?

A: Feel Good Tea is unique blend of natural ingredients that simultaneously promote relaxation (5-HTP) and increased neurotransmitter (serotonin) activity.


Q: How much berberine do I need to get positive results?

A: Studies show that beberine is effective at daily doses between 500 mg and 1500 mg divided throughout the day. Berberine has a short half- life of about 5 hours, so divided doses are necessary to keep optimum levels.


Q: How are probiotics helpful to my skin?

A: The combination of organic antioxidants and probiotics in our DermaTox® Lotion support a healthy balanced environment for skin nourishment, healing and hydration.


Q: Does CoQ10 lower cholesterol?

A: Studies show that CoQ10 has the ability to lower cholesterol and can protect LDL (bad cholesterol) from oxidizing.


Q: How do the plant stem cells help my skin?

A: The effectiveness of plant stems cells is their ability to increase new skin cell production. Our exclusive plant stеm сеll material combined with high quality organic plants, fruits, antioxidants and moisturizers rivals products found in high end spas and skin care clinics.

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