Can You Slow the Aging Process With The Water You Drink?

Age catches up with everyone. As you age, the signs of aging and dealing with age become a growing concern. Sagging skin, painful joints, loss of energy, weight gain and health water-glassproblems – these are just some of the unpleasant conditions of aging. Below is wealth of information on healthy aging. However, it can be overwhelming and challenging to follow.

One of the simplest changes you can make to your lifestyle is to change the quality of the water you drink. Drinking alkaline/antioxidant water has several reported advantages such as:

  • Fast Absorption and Increased Hydration
  • Helps Balance Body pH
  • Daily Detox of Toxins and Waste
  • Enhanced Immune Function
  • Helps Alleviate Joint Pain
  • Weight Control

This article takes you through the ways by which alkaline water can help you slow down the aging process.

  1. Alkaline Water Helps Your Body Eliminate Toxins

A healthy new born baby’s body is alkaline, while the dead and dying body is acidic. It is recommended that you keep your body in an alkaline state for optimal health. However, when your body ages, it becomes less proficient in the elimination of toxins and the elimination of waste. These toxins can accumulate in your body, making it more acidic with an increased possibly of health problems.

Alkaline/antioxidant water helps your body with its efficacy of cleansing: doses of oxygen from the micro water molecules which maintain your blood consistency for faster and smoother circulation, including the waste disposal. Releasing these toxins can make you feel healthier and younger!

  1. Alkaline Water Aids Weight Control

Alkaline water may help with weight control. One of the most persistent and frustrating aspects of aging is the extra weight that creeps up on you and it’s usually hard to eliminate. Whether for health or lifestyle restrictions, as you get older, it’s much easier to gain weight than lose it.

Weight Loss By Fighting Body Acid.

Alkaline water works to prevent weight gain by controlling the acidity in the body. The alkaline water reacts with the acid in your body fat and works to eliminate both of them from your system.

Weight Loss by Controlling Appetite.

Regular users of alkaline/antioxidant water have reported that, they have better control over their appetite during the day. A better control of appetite keeps you from overeating. A scientific study on the effects of drinking alkaline antioxidant water on obese adults revealed a significant weight loss and significant loss of body fat in subjects.

oxidative stress apple

  1. Antioxidant (Low ORP) Water Helps Battle Oxidative Stress

Antioxidants fight free radicals…the nasty little unstable molecules that break down healthy molecules. The process is called oxidation or oxidative stress and it’s widely accepted as a primary cause of aging.

There are many ways to supply your body with antioxidants. Green tea, fruits and vegetables, red wine, dark chocolate are a few popular antioxidant foods. Nutritional supplements like CoQ-10 Ubiquinol, glutathione precursors and vitamin D3 are another way to get antioxidants.

When it comes to water, look for water with a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).

The antioxidant properties of water are measured by its ORP. The higher the number, the less antioxidant activity. Once the ORP measurement drops into negative numbers, the stronger its Oxidation Reduction Potential.

  1. Alkaline May Water Help Relieve Pain.

Joint pain and arthritis are believed to be linked to acidity from toxins and dehydration. Increasing hydration and supporting detoxification with the water you drink may be the answer to nagging pain. Alkaline antioxidant water provides enhanced hydration and helps neutralize acidity in the body. Additionally, the alkaline water assists in ridding the body of toxic build up and helps scavenge free radicals.woman water thumbs up-1

  1. Alkaline Water May Help Your Skin Look Radiant.

Alkaline water may help your skin look radiant and feel younger. When people think about getting older, they are concerned about the superficial signs of aging, especially wrinkles and other skin problems. It can be frustrating to fight the advancing signs of aging on your face. Most feel powerless against time’s effect on their appearance.

Finally, you can help slow the aging process by drinking alkaline antioxidant water every day! Because of its unique properties, alkaline/antioxidant water is readily absorbed in the body and leads to faster and more efficient hydration. When you’re properly hydrated, your skin is plump, firmer and more elastic…three characteristics of young looking skin.