Immune Protection for Colds and Flu Prevention

The holidays have ended and the sugar, celebratory drinks and other indulgences have done their worst, on our waistlines and immune systems. Combine that with stress and/or insufficient sleep we now have the perfect environment or “terrain” inside our bodies that encourage a virus to take hold and lay us low.

It’s important to recognize that we hold the power to adjust the terrain of our bodies so that viruses have no effect. What can we do to stay well? Smart supplementation is a great way to help stave off what some consider as inevitable ailments this time of year.

Drink adequate pure water throughout the day. Caffeinated beverages don’t count as water. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of pure water each day, spread out as evenly as possible.

Keep Your Gut Healthy.  80% of our immune strength resides in our digestive tract. Within our intestines there are trillions of bacteria. Every day, the good, natural flora in our body is killed by stress, junk food, antibiotics in meat, pesticides, medications, chlorinated water and a toxic environment. To make matters worse, the typical American diet provides an abundance of sugars and processed foods which feed the “bad” bacteria and give them strength. We all should be supplementing high quality multi-strain probiotics daily year-round to support a healthy gut environment.

Make the Terrain of the Body Unfriendly to Viruses.  An easy method is to gargle with and consume high quality nano-silver solution (8-10 nanometers in size). This is much smaller and more effective than colloidal or ionic silver products and is backed by multiple patents and hundreds of independent safety and efficacy studies. It is specifically designed to help support a healthy immune system. It resonates at 890-910 terahertz, the same anti-microbial frequency used in “blue” germicidal laboratory lights.

Immune-boosting nutritional support:  Zinc is frequently called “the healing mineral”. Zinc therapy is useful to support a healthy respiratory system, and has been proven to be effective against the common cold. It is believed this is due to preventing replication of the virus.

Transmitter molecules embedded in our immune cells pump vitamin C into the cells to fight off invaders, which leads to depletion. Blood levels of vitamin C drop when the body experiences stress, inflammation or infection, which is why it makes sense to increase intake of whole food Vitamin C when coming down with a cold or flu.

Vitamin A is an important healing vitamin necessary for proper functioning of the mucous membranes to resist invasion by micro-organisms.

Copper ions help to break down harmful invaders. Insufficient copper levels weaken the human immune system and increase susceptibility to sickness and infection.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is the most essential of all the B-vitamins for immune function because of its role in the production of antibodies.

Use an Anti-Viral with Many Benefits. Beta-glucan from yeast is proven to have a direct anti-viral effect against the flu virus due to its ability to sharply boost the production and activity of lymphocytes and white blood cells. Beta-glucan is recognized as one of the most powerful and versatile biological response modulators available in supplement form.

Boost Vitamin D Levels into the Optimal Range of 60-90 ng/ml.

Having sufficient levels of Vitamin D is shown to reduce risk of infectious diseases by strengthening the immune system. Vitamin D also supports people with autoimmune issues. This is one of the most essential vitamins that the majority of North Americans are woefully deficient in. Supplementing Vitamin D3 (5,000-8,000 iu/day for adults and 2,000 iu for children) with meals containing good fats will support us in reaching and maintaining optimal levels. It’s highly recommended to have Vitamin D levels checked with a blood test every 6-12 months while supplementing to avoid getting too much.

Washing your hands throughout the day (for at least 20 seconds) is a good idea — hot water and soap are safer than chemical and alcohol-based hand sanitizers and equally effective. (If you have a container of hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial soap check the ingredients to make sure that Triclosan and Triclocarban are not on the label. The FDA banned them last year.)

Eating right, drinking plenty of water, supplementing wisely, avoiding sugar and alcohol, getting adequate restful sleep and minimizing stress will support the terrain of our bodies so we remain vitally healthy — free of symptoms and diseases every season of the year.