Eat Your Water

It should come as no surprise that we live on a water-world and our bodies contain approximately 60% water. Second only to the air we breathe, water is essential for a multitude of roles that support and maintain optimal health.

Fruits and Vegetables are Full of Water

Totally pure water, simply H2O, doesn’t exist in nature due to water’s affinity to dissolve and absorb everything with which it comes into contact. It is the “universal solvent”.  The highest quality water exists inside of fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables. This is the ideal place to start and why it’s advised to eat your water.

Make sure that you consume four servings (approx. 2 cups) of fruit daily since most options contain between 85 and 90% water (bananas contain just 74%). Doing this will deliver nearly 18 to 20 ounces of water toward your daily target.

When it comes to fruit it’s important to consume it whole instead of as juice (except lemon and lime juice). The dietary fiber slows the release of sugar and provides significant benefits to digestive health. Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals and cell-protecting antioxidants. Few Americans consume sufficient fruit, despite evidence that fruit-eaters are healthier and have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight.

Fresh and frozen varieties are preferable but dried fruit is another convenient option. Always soak dried fruit in water until soft before eating for ease of digestion, portion control and to protect your teeth.

Examples of ounces of water per cup of fruit: (I put “Org.” before the fruits and vegetables that need to be organically grown due to toxic chemical residues. They are included on the most recent “Dirty Dozen” produce list.)

Watermelon -5 oz.

Org. Strawberries -5.3 oz.

Cantaloupe -5.6 oz.

Org. Peaches -4.8 oz.

Org. Nectarines -4.4 oz.

Papaya -4.5 oz.

Blackberries -4.5 oz.

Plums -4.5 oz.

Apricots -4.7 oz.

Oranges -5.5 oz.

Grapefruit -7.4 oz.

Pineapple -5 oz.

Org. Blueberries -4.4 oz.

Mangoes -4.9 oz.

Org. Apples -3.8  oz.

Grapes, pears & cherries also need to be organic.

Vegetables and Vegetable-like Fruits

The healthiest people in the world eat a lot of vegetables. The daily target should be a minimum of five servings.

Serving sizes:

Raw leafy vegetables= 1 cup

Cooked leafy vegetables= ½ cup

Raw or cooked non-leafy vegetables= ½ cup

Vegetable juice= ½ cup

Eating five servings of veggies daily will deliver up to another 15 ounces of water, nearly two cups. Make sure to always choose organic (or homegrown) spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet bell peppers, hot peppers and celery.

With four servings of fruit and five servings of veggies you will have consumed the equivalent of close to four glasses of water and been rewarded with nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, phytonutrients and amino acids.

Whole Grains such as rice, oatmeal, quinoa, etc. are prepared by adding the dry grain to water and cooking. The water used in cooking counts as water consumed. The water in soup can be counted as well.

… Then Drink the Rest

There are many theories about how much water we need, with the most common being that everyone should drink eight cups of water per day. Since body size, weight, health status, climate and lifestyle vary it makes sense that water consumption shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Many smart natural practitioners have found it effective to divide your body weight by two and consume that many ounces per day. (150 lb. person = 75 ounces.) However, if you perspire heavily from exercise or spend time in a hot environment more will likely be helpful.

Spread out your water as evenly as possible throughout the day. This will improve cellular hydration and help prevent multiple trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Some people guzzle water in large amounts which can lead to water going straight into the kidneys and bladder instead of improving cellular hydration. Avoid drinking more water than is needed since it can flush out sodium and potassium and potentially create problems.


Drinking up to eight ounces of warm or room temperature water about 15 minutes before a meal appears to support healthy digestion, while drinking during a meal has the opposite impact, diluting stomach acid and impeding digestion. Follow the lead of the healthiest people from the Far East by sipping a small cup of warm tea during a meal.

Consuming ice-cold beverages with a meal guarantees that digestion will be impaired and the macro and micro-nutrients from the meal will not be well absorbed. It is also likely to exacerbate acid reflux and other painful digestive upsets. Soft drinks, iced tea/coffee, iced water, beer, milk, “sports drinks” and energy drinks should never be consumed during a meal. Wait at least 30 minutes after the meal before drinking any of these (if you must).

For supplements that are best taken with a meal, take them near the start of the meal with the smallest amount of water for safe swallowing. Take some with each meal instead of swallowing them all at once. Adequate stomach acid is required to assimilate protein, calcium magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium and vitamin B-12. When supplements are consumed after a meal the stomach acid tends to be too low for proper assimilation.

Purification Test Strips

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