Water Quality, Toxic Metals and Your Health

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In 2014, The Government of Flint, Michigan, switched the city’s water source to the Flint River and you’ve probably heard what happened next: Officials failed to add important corrosion inhibitors to prevent water from leaching metal out of the city’s aging pipes.  Soon, dangerous levels of lead, and possibly other metals, infiltrated the water system.  To protect themselves and their children from lead’s side effects, developmental delays, seizures and weakness – concerned residents have turned to bottled water.   Here is why you do not want toxic metals in your body:


Cadmium is an extremely toxic metal which has no known necessary function in the body. Cadmium toxicity contributes to a large number of health conditions, including the major killer diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Cadmium displaces zinc in many metallo-enzymes and many of the symptoms of cadmium toxicity can be traced to a cadmium-induced zinc deficiency. Cadmium concentrates in the kidney, liver, testes, arterial walls and various other organs and is considered more toxic than either lead or mercury. It is toxic at levels one tenth that of lead, mercury, aluminum, or nickel. Symptoms can be fatigue, weight loss, osteomalacia and lumbar pain. There is a lot to say about cadmium toxicity. If your Hair Mineral Analysis indicates cadmium toxicity we will provide more detailed info to you.


Lead is a structural toxin. Lead is a structural death mineral. This means that it weakens the body. It replaces calcium in the bones, weakening them and eventually causing osteoporosis. It replaces calcium in the blood cells, damaging the blood and causing a severe anemia. Lead goes to the brain, where it replaces calcium, magnesium and other vital elements. It causes headaches, fatigue, weight loss, dementia, violence, impure thoughts, decreasedflint-water coordination and many other mental problems. Lead is a structural poison, unlike cadmium, which poisons by means of replacing zinc, an enzyme activator.

Studies show that the average child consumes 62 mcg of lead daily. The CDC guidelines are less than 10 mcg daily. Toxic lead exposure is associated with anemia, fatigue, low I.Q. and neurological symptoms. Up to 90% of children diagnosed with hyperkinesis and/or learning disability have a toxic level of lead in their hair sample.  If your Hair Mineral Analysis indicates lead toxicity we will provide more detailed info to you.


Manganese is important for energy production, glucose balance, tendons and ligaments, bone development, fertility, adrenal and thyroid function, proper utilization of fats and carbohydrates and in detoxification. Symptoms of Manganese excess are: anorexia, ataxia, iron deficiency, neurological symptoms, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, psychiatric illnesses, mental confusion, impaired memory, loss of appetite, mask-like facial expression and monotonous voice, spastic gait, neurological problems, impaired thiamin (B1) metabolism, iron deficiency, increased demand for vitamin C and copper, kidney failure, hallucinations, CNS  diseases, abnormal calcium or iron metabolism, hepatitis, cirrhosis, dialysis and heart attacks. Manganese is a stimulant. When it is detoxed from the body, the stimulation stops and you can notice increased fatigue.  If your Hair Mineral Analysis indicates manganese toxicity we will provide more detailed info to you.


Mercury can suppress biological function and may cause immune dysregulation, loss of appetite, decreased sense of touch, hearing and vision, fatigue, depression, emotional instability, peripheral numbness, tremors, poor memory, cognitive dysfunction and neuromuscular disorders.  If you have mercury (silver) fillings in your teeth consider having them all removed but do it over a period of time, not all at once, to lessen the load on the body as there is always toxicity created by the process. High fructose corn syrup has been implicated as a mercury source.  It is contained within nearly every processed food and sweetened beverage. Mercury is deadly and the quality of life is greatly threatened, especially in the later years, if you allow yourself to continue to be radiated by an excessive level.  If your Hair Mineral Analysis indicates mercury toxicity we will provide more detailed info to you.


Researchers found that avoiding nickel-containing foods resulted in decreased body fat and body-mass index (BMI) in overweight women who are allergic to the metal particularly those in early menopause. Those researchers studied 87 patients with an average BMI of 32, which is considered to be obese. They observed nickel allergies in 60% of the women and 13% of the men.

The researchers gave the women who had nickel allergies a balanced diet that restricted or eliminated nickel-containing foods.  After six months, 56% of these women dropped 4.6 inches from their waistlines and 4.2 points from their BMI. Nickel allergies have been linked to an increase in IL-17, an inflammatory protein that’s associated with obesity.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy test for internal nickel allergies, but if you’re allergic to it on your skin (i.e., if you develop a red rash when you wear jewelry that contains nickel), you’re likely allergic internally, and you’ll need to avoid nickel as much as possible. But even if you don’t have a strong reaction on your skin, we consider Nickel to be toxic and it can cause internal sensitivity, in which case you’ll still want to stay away from nickel.

It’s impossible to eliminate every single trace of nickel, but purchasing organic produce, meat and dairy and staying away from carb-laden grains and legumes as well as processed, packaged foods will get you well on your way to avoiding the toxic metal. If your Hair Mineral Analysis indicates nickel toxicity we will provide more detailed info to you.


Metal toxicity is often the hidden cause behind a “mysterious illness”. The easiest way to determine if metal toxicity is behind your symptoms is to do a Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA).

Order the HMA specimen kit and return it with a hair specimen. Mineral levels in your body are an all-important factor for establishing overall wellness of the body. Everything comes from minerals. Minerals are the basic building blocks of the body. So go your minerals, so goes your body — often ending up in a disease state when in reality it all started with improper mineral ratios that should have been noticed and corrected years earlier. Minerals are the FIRST domino. Most symptoms later in life are the result of unbalanced mineral ratios earlier in life. If your mineral ratios are out of balance, no amount of right anything is going to have a lasting effect until you fix those ratios.

You cannot get this info from blood, urine or saliva. For example, the body will “rob Peter to pay Paul” for years to keep the blood normal. Blood is your lifeline. The body will rob from less critical areas to provide what the blood needs to remain normal. This may create symptoms, like the ones you are reporting, but they won’t be life-threatening symptoms like it would be if your blood falls out of normal ranges. This is why you can feel terrible and still have a blood test that is “normal.”

Your HMA report includes 2 reports containing approximately 20 pages of analysis, dietary and supplement tips to correct imbalances and procedures to detox any toxic metals. The advantage of ordering the consultation is that I will be sharing my 42+ years of experience with you to help boil the computer reports down into the basics so you can concentrate on the protocol that will do you the most good in the shortest time.

You may order the specimen kit from Healthy Habits. The report is separate from the consultation, which is optional. I encourage you to save $20 by ordering the pre-paid consultation at the same time as you order the specimen kit.



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