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Is Functional Medicine Right For You?

June 27, 2017 | 47 views

Functional Medicine is not a new system, rather a combination of conventional medicine and different alternative and complementary disciplines. It utilizes the treatments of conventional medicine and acknowledges other tools for treating chronic diseases. There are 5 main principles that Functional Medicine carefully follows. People Are Viewed as Individuals. Every patient is viewed as genetically…


Get To Know Whole Leaf Aloe

June 15, 2017 | 415 views

Aloe Vera is a popular plant known for soothing skin injuries and a bunch of other conditions. Get to know more about this ancient natural healer. Hydration The aloe vera is a perfect natural remedy against dehydration. Hydration helps your body flush out impurities. Whole Leaf Aloe Vera is rich in nutrients that optimize the…

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The Anti-Aging Secret to Wrinkles and More?

May 31, 2017 | 734 views

The Anti-Aging Secret to Solving Age-Related Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Wrinkles, Flabby Muscles and Loss of Energy Is liquid collagen protein the secret remedy for anti-aging? A quality liquid collagen protein supplement is a safe and effective way to strengthen bone and connective tissue while losing weight and restoring youthful skin, hair and nails. Humans…

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Are You Ready For A New Mood?

May 18, 2017 | 677 views

Do you need an attitude adjustment or know someone who does? It’s safe to say that we all have our ups and downs…it’s completely natural. But what about having that bad day feeling more often than what you’re comfortable with? Mild depression, situational depression, stress, anxiety, irritability, lethargy, low energy and not feeling excited about…

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A New Revolution In Pain Management

May 5, 2017 | 1,160 views

Pain is usually treated with a variety of drugs, which may include acetaminophen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and opioids. Opioids, such as morphine, Fentanyl, Oxycontin,  Hydrocodone and Tramadol  are effective in treating most pain, but the side effects like constipation, irritability, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting  are all too common. Opioids are known to be highly…

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Get Rid Of Acid Reflux Naturally

April 20, 2017 | 1,449 views

Acid Reflux is medically known as Gastoroesophogeal Reflux Disease (GERD). It is a condition that is common to adults especially those over the age of 40. This condition is characterized by a burning sensation felt in the esophagus. It is caused by digestive juices moving up into (and sometimes damaging) the esophagus. The fluid in…

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Can You Slow the Aging Process With The Water You Drink?

April 10, 2017 | 1,067 views

Age catches up with everyone. As you age, the signs of aging and dealing with age become a growing concern. Sagging skin, painful joints, loss of energy, weight gain and health problems – these are just some of the unpleasant conditions of aging. Below is wealth of information on healthy aging. However, it can be…


Anti-Aging Skin Care

April 3, 2017 | 1,244 views

Aging skin can be frustrating to say the least…and it can start to change the way you look as early as your 30’s! Genetics play a role in how we age and that can’t be changed. However, there are many external factors that can be managed to help you looking younger at any age. It’s…

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Why We All Should Be Concerned About Glyphosate

March 23, 2017 | 1,881 views

Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared! I am frankly shocked this information is not making front page news right now. Monsanto will do anything to bury this story… and as of right now, it’s working. Not a single mainstream media outlet has covered this appalling new report that shows…


Was The Fountain Of Youth Discovered in Europe?

March 14, 2017 | 1,032 views

     Was The Fountain Of Youth Discovered in Romania?   In 1905, German biochemist Alfred Einhorn developed procaine (commonly known as “Novocain”) to replace cocaine as a local anesthetic. After years of use, doctors noticed substantial regenerative effects in some patients. The numbing effects of procaine lead to the body naturally breaking it down and…