Don't Eat Rocks! Avoid DCP At All Costs.

Read Your Labels & Avoid DCP if you want Maximum Absorption!

Di-calciumDon't Eat Rocks phosphate (DCP) or Tri-calcium phosphate (TCP) is commonly used as a tablet binder and capsule filler; we call it “cement.” It is possible to make tablets and capsules without using DCP/TCP.  However, softer tablets without these binders can result in increased breakage in manufacturing, creating more waste and a higher cost of production. Many companies continue to use DCP because it saves them time and money.

Our Founder Pioneered the No DCP Crusade 40+ Years ago!

After reviewing thousands of Hair Mineral Analysis reports our founder was convinced that his theory that tablets and capsules using added DCP/TCP and other difficult to digest calcium’s may be partially responsible for excess calcium in the tissues and joints, which causes stiffness, joint issues, circulation problems and premature aging.

Over 50? Don’t Eat Rocks!

If you are a person with a weakened digestive system (a problem that many people age 50+ unknowingly have), you may not properly break down and absorb rock hard tablets or capsules filled with DCP from other companies. What good is taking vitamins, minerals and herbs if you are not digesting them? Digestion of tablets is such a problem that there are stories about tons of undigested tablets found in city sewer systems. Some claim that these ultra hard tablets still have the logo of the manufacturer visible. True or not, absorption is certainly an issue that must be addressed. Rest assured that each batch of Healthy Habits tablets and capsules must pass a rigorous disintegration test to ensure proper breakdown and absorption within the human body before they are bottled and sold to you.

Looking Out For You

Some critics disagree with our position but we stand firm in our belief that dietary supplement formulas that use soft matrix technology without DCP/TCP as a filler or binder will break down faster, absorb better and produce superior results. Therefore, our formulas never contain added DCP/TCP capsule fillers or tablet binders.