No Label Games

Do you know the difference between 1000 mg of calcium citrate and 1000 mg of calcium (as calcium citrate)?

This is one of many “tricks” that some companies use to mislead consumers. 1000 mg of calcium citrate contains only about 20% (200 mg) of elemental calcium. Some companies make it look like you’re getting 1000 mg when you’re really getting 200 mg.

Example: Company “A” may add 1000 mg of calcium citrate (200 mg of calcium) and make a “1000 mg Calcium Citrate” label claim. Healthy Habits® adds 5000 mg of Calcium Citrate in order to make a “1000 mg of Calcium (as calcium citrate)” label claim. The difference is subtle. Do you see it? The Healthy Habits® product has 5 times the amount of calcium in it!

Are you reading your labels carefully?

Be wary of prices that seem too good to be true!

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As a general rule we are 30-50% less than companies who compete with us on the same level of quality and 20-30% more than companies who formulate for low cost.


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