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Item Number: 1046
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A new employee, Joy, walked into my office and asked me if I had ever heard of John O’Neill, an Australian body builder, athlete and Co-Enzyme Q10 researcher who recently died. He has spent his life solving the question of why some athletes tend to win and some lose. He was curious regarding what it was that created stamina in one person and not in another.

I responded with “Co-Enzyme Q10 is old news. It is available everywhere, at a decent cost, and I didn’t see how we could do any more with the product than the Ubiquinol that was already in the product line.”

Joy said, “Oh, I can see that you don’t know the story. You need to figure out how to make this product available to your customers because it will turn their life around. And, if you can make the product available, I will be your first customer.” I said, “Why?”

She replied, “First, let me tell you my experience with the product. A few years ago I had a health food store on the East Coast. A gentleman, an obvious athlete, came in to shop and asked me what we had for Co-Enzyme Q10. Being a body builder and athlete, he knew John O’Neill and of his accomplishments and Co-Enzyme Q10 research.

He said, “I take John’s formula faithfully every day and without I would not come close to having the energy and stamina that I do to compete and win like I do. It is a Co-Enzyme Q10 unlike any other. You only hear about it by word of mouth because John is a researcher not a marketer and is too buy confirming and reconfirming the efficacy of his product to spend time marketing it. He lets the results speak for themselves and knows that athletes will tell other athletes and eventually there will be thousands of people using his Co-Enzyme Q10 formula.”

Joy went on to say, “I told the gentleman that his story sounded interesting and asked him to get me a couple dozen to place on our health food store shelf so I could see if our customers would respond as positively as he was about the product. The rest is history.”

She stated, “The Advanced Q10 product from Australia was a big hit and quickly became one of the best sellers in the store. Co-Enzyme Q10 is so important to life that everyone should be taking it. The problem is that so much of it is diluted, or cut, with this and that, or mixed with oxidizing substances or poor quality raw material to begin with, that people are not getting the results for which they are paying. We heard one story after another about how Advanced Q10 had turned their life around.”

Then Joy stated the surprising news, “Then one night the store partly burned down and we were unable to continue business. To my surprise, the next day, outside the protective barrier that had been placed around the property due to the fire, there were people standing there asking if the Advanced Q10 had survived the fire and, if so, could they purchase all of the remaining inventory so they wouldn’t run out!

Joy continued, “After that I was managing a health food store in Washington. I helped them get the Advanced Q10 from Australia and the same results happened. People raved about the product and it became one of our best sellers. The biggest problem we had was keeping it in stock because it took so long to get it because it had to be imported from Australia. This also increased the cost due to expensive shipping, insurance and custom fees, not to mention the bureaucratic delays.

So, I ordered a bunch to test among staff and customers whom we could trust to give us their honest assessment. The rest is history. The response was universal. “Can I get more of this stuff?” “! I have never felt better.” ” I have never had this much energy.” “My outlook is different.” “I am making things happen in my life that used to be a struggle.” ” This stuff is fantastic!” On and on.

So, if your Co-Enzyme Q10 knowledge is fuzzy, there are all kinds of books and literature abounds on the Internet regarding why Co-Enzyme Q10 is the spark of life. Without it, there would be no life. Nutritionists world-wide acknowledge that it is as important for life as are air and water. I will give you a brief outline of why you should be taking at least 300 mg of Co-Enzyme Q10 daily, especially, Advanced Q10.

Advanced Q10 is perhaps the most tested Co-Enzyme Q10 formula in the world. John Neill spent his life testing thousands of athletes, before and after, using his Advanced Q10, with amazing results, outstanding results. Not just a few percentage points increase in performance and stamina but in some cases doubling it! You can download his CoQ10 Testing Procedure so you can see for yourself the increase in energy, performance and stamina that you will have by taking Advanced Q10.

Of course, there are immense health benefits to having your mitochondria producing maximum energy and oxygen for your cells to uptake, but Big Pharma, excuse me — I meant to say the FDA, won’t let us talk about that so you will have to see for yourself how it helps you regain the wellness you seek.

We are so happy with this product that we have tried to become the Exclusive Distributor for the USA and have also inquired about being able to be a licensed manufacturer to help them get better distribution of Advanced Q10 in the USA, but they are fearful that their proprietary methods of naturally producing the Co-Enzyme Q10 from fermented ocean algae will be compromised. We hope to be able to convince them in the future that they can entrust their secret to us. Meanwhile, when you order, if we are back ordered due to difficulty maintaining adequate stock because we have to get it from Australia, please be patient. We are doing our best to keep up with the enormous demand and will get it to you at the earliest possible moment.

I urge you to order multiple bottles so you will never be without it in case we do go into back order. You can always return what you don’t use. Healthy Habits® has a wonderful 90-day no-hassle guarantee on everything it sells. We are not happy unless you are happy. Simple as that. We are a family-owned company struggling to provide the best possible products for the lowest possible cost. We appreciate your support in this endeavor. The big companies simply cannot provide the personal touch and it is questionable regarding how many quality corners are being cut to remain competitive because they are an “on the shelf” product where everything is based on price. We thank you for your patronage. You  can always count on us to be looking out for you.




5.00 out of 5

1 review for Advanced Q10

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Pamela Gillick on September 5, 2017 :

    “My husband was an athlete for most of his life but he has had a stroke with noticeable brain trauma. Taking the advanced q10 has made a tremendous difference. He is noticeably more active and productive as each day progresses. We own a Bio-Modulator and his measurement before starting the Advanced q10 was 40-50 and now it is 110! Advanced q10 is a wonderful product.” — P.G., NV

    *Individual results may vary.

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