Aloe ToxTonic – 32 oz

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NON-GMO Aloe ToxTonic with DermaTox® Technology

A Soothing Blend of Organic Whole Leaf Aloe with Pulp & Hi ORAC Fruits & Vegetables!

For over 3,500 years, aloe has been used as an internal and external health agent. Ancient documents describe grinding the aloe leaf to be eaten to help support a healthy inflammation and pain response, a healthy digestive system, healthy energy production, a healthy circulation systems, a healthy intestinal tract and more. Aloe’s wonderful reputation for supporting health has stood the test of time and there’s good reason for that. However, many of today’s aloe products lack enough of the active ingredients necessary to provide the greatest benefit.*

A True Whole Leaf Aloe Vera!

Aloe ToxTonic is a proprietary formulation of organically grown whole leaf aloe vera with pulp and Hi ORAC fruits and vegetables. If there ever was a true health tonic, Healthy Habits® Aloe ToxTonic comes closest to fulfilling the requirements. Very few natural substances contain so many beneficial nutrients.*

Whole Leaf Aloe contains a high percentage of the potentially active ingredients and extremely useful healing components such as amino acids, minerals, enzymes and beneficial fatty acids. Using a proprietary technique, Aloe ToxTonic uses the whole leaf as nature intended but reduces undesirable aloin to proper levels while maximizing all of the beneficial constituents! Our high percentage of total aloe solids and polysaccharides gives you a superior aloe supplement. A guaranteed minimum of 1400 mg of polysaccharides.*

More than Aloe!

Our all new formulation incorporates DermaTox® technology with the added benefits of boron and zinc! Even more, Aloe ToxTonic has the antioxidant power of a Hi ORAC fruit and vegetable blend and an incredible taste. No added sugars or artificial flavors!*

Healthy Habits® customers demand quality. We work hard to deliver products containing the strongest, most biologically active and effective ingredients available. Use Aloe ToxTonic daily to feel the amazing benefits of a time tested natural wonder.*



5.00 out of 5

1 review for Aloe ToxTonic – 32 oz

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on August 17, 2017 :

    “I have had a lot of stomach trouble, pain and spastic enlarged colon. Your Aloe ToxTonic® provides wonderful support for healthy digestive tract function.” — J.A., AR

    *Individual results may vary.

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Aloe ToxTonic Q & A

Q: What is this and how should I take it?

A: Aloe ToxTonic is a superb aloe gel tonic prepared using our DermaTox® technology. This is a way to experience the wonders of DermaTox® internally! If you need healthy digestive tract support, drink 4 oz daily. If you want to maintain a healthy digestive tract issues without discomfort, drink 1 oz twice daily. If you are looking for a gentle internal detox, drink 1 oz daily. It may be mixed with water or fruit juice, but it is not necessary.*

Q: What is the guaranteed mucopolysaccharide count per bottle of Aloe ToxTonic?

A: Because the aloe in Aloe ToxTonic is natural, pure aloe, not diluted with water and not a reconstituted cheaper source, this is something that will vary, but we guarantee a minimum of 1400 mg polysaccharides per fluid oz.*

Q: What is the process used to remove the Aloin from the Aloe Vera?

A: The specification for the Aloe Vera Gel Ground Filet is total Aloin A & Aloin B (Barbaloin) < 10 ppm. We currently average approximately 6 to 7 ppm. This product contains chunky ground pulp therefore we do not treat with activated carbon as there would be no way to filter it out without losing valuable Aloe Vera pulp. The low Aloin content is achieved during our extra careful fileting and inspecting process.*

Q: I have read that maltodextrin is the same as MSG and it should be avoided. Should I be concerned that it is included in Aloe ToxTonic?

A: I see no reason for concern. Maltodextrin comes from treated grain starch, primarily corn or rice starch in the USA. The starch is hydrolyzed by adding enzymes and acids then it is filtered and the result is maltodextrin, or modified corn syrup solids.

The benefit is that maltodextrin is hydrolyzed to have less than 20% sugar content whereas regular corn syrup solids have more than 20%. It is used by manufacturers because it gives a fat-like body to food products, increases their shelf life, mixes well with other ingredients, is quickly absorbed and quickly gets energy and protein to your muscles without dehydrating the tissues.

Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate. It does have a high glycemic index, which is why we use it only in tiny amounts, usually less than 1% of a formula. Contrary to what you might read elsewhere, Maltodextrin, at least as we use it, is NOT the same as MSG.

The bottom line is that maltodextrin is in such common use today that you likely obtain more of it daily from your regular diet than you will from any of our products.*