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Celebrities Know The Secret! Now it’s Available To You!

No More Expensive and Painful Injections!

For years we’ve seen celebrities and other high-profile figures get expensive, prescription-only B-12 shots. With our new B-12 Energy Patch we make it simple and affordable. Just place the patch behind the ear once or twice a week and you’re done. Use it weekly to eliminating the sluggishness, fatigue and many other health problems that have been plaguing you.

Do You have An Unknown Deficiency?

Many Americans unknowingly suffer from a B-12 deficiency. However, because of the way B-12 is stored in the body, blood tests rarely reveal a deficiency.
B-12 may help with:

  • Low energy/Fatigue
  • Sexual problems
  • Muscle pain
  • Irritability
  • Equilibrium instability
  • Hearing issues
  • Vision problems
  • Emotional/mood problems



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B12 Energy Patch – Brochure


B-12 Energy Patch Q & A

1. I am used to taking 1000 mcg daily sub-lingual. With the patch I’m not sure if you get 1000 mcg of B12 daily while wearing it or if you get 1000 mcg in total irrespective of how long you have it on. The patch is obviously very easy to use but the directions indicate that you only need 1-2 patches a week. The confusing thing is that it goes on to tell you to wear the patch for 24 hours only. Does this indicate that if you are using one patch a week for 24 hours only that you are only receiving 1000 mcg of B12 for the entire week OR do you get 1000 mcg for every day that you wear the patch? If you only get 1000 mcg of B12 per patch, can you please explain to me why this is better than 1000 mcg of B12 sub-lingual daily. It would seem in that scenario you are getting far less B12 from the patch at a much increased cost. Thanks.
A: Taking B-12 by mouth is an expensive procedure because you are lucky to absorb even 3%. Studies show that taking smaller doses of B-12 more often is a better way to take B-12. In addition, there are many B-12 antagonists when it comes to the digestive tract, which likely reduces the 3% even lower in many cases. Therefore, in our opinion, the preferred method of taking B-12 is transdermal, hence, our B-12 Energy Patch.

You can leave a patch on as long as you desire. Many times I forget and leave mine on for a week. Once, my barber found it behind my ear and asked me what it was! You may also use a new patch daily if you desire. We have not done research to see at what point the patch fails to deliver its properties.

Healthy Habits employees volunteered to participate in periodic blood tests for both B12 and Folate (Folic Acid) to evaluate the efficacy of our B-12 Energy Patch. Our results were more than satisfactory.


  • The average individual peak increase in B-12 blood levels ranged from 15% to 61% and averaged 30%
  • The average individual test duration increase in B-12 blood levels ranged from 13% to 61% and averaged 27%.
  • The average individual peak increase in Folate blood levels ranged from 0% to 257% and averaged 73%.
  • The average individual test duration increase in Folate blood levels ranged from 0% to 257% and averaged 64%.

This research indicates that both the B-12 and Folic Acid contained in the B-12 Energy Patch is well absorbed into the bloodstream. Only blood tests can tell each individual if their optimum levels are being reached. Keep in mind, in some cases, that the “normal” blood B-12 parameters may or may not have anything to do with your specific needs.

2. Will chlorine cause any side affects with the B-12 Energy Patch?
A: The answer to this question is unknown. As a precaution, you can always remove the patch before swimming and re-apply when finished.

3. For the B12 patch, the pamphlet that you included mentioned a clinical trial which measured the bio-availability of the vitamin in human subjects. If the trial was conducted under the proper methodology (the gold standard for acceptance of efficacy by Health Canada is a randomized and placebo controlled clinical trial with an appropriate amount of subjects), it is possible that this patch may stand a better chance to obtain a license as bio-availability in itself may be suggested as a health benefit from the patch.
A: As mentioned above, the research project was an in-house test using our employees who volunteered for the test. All we wanted to prove to our satisfaction was that the B-12 successfully entered the bloodstream from the patch. It did that. We did not perform a placebo controlled clinical trial. Our opinion is that the thousands of dollars it would cost can be better allocated and that it would simply prove what we already know. The B-12 Energy Patch works!

4. I am considering using the B-12 Energy Patch for my 5 year old. Under the advice of his DAN doctor and pediatrician and after urine/blood tests, we began supplementing with methyl B12 sub-lingual tablet, but he eats it and it upsets his stomach. Is there a recommended/alternate dosing schedule for children? Can the B-12 Energy Patch be cut in half and still be effective? Thanks so much.
A: You could cut it in half or just use one patch weekly instead of 2x/week. See your Doctor to see what he recommends.

5. What is the source of the methylcobalamin and folic acid in the B-12 Energy Patch? I am a vegetarian and prefer to use only vegetarian products.
A: Good news. The active ingredients are non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, non-animal source.

6. I have been taking B raw complex, based on whole food, already for some time. Among B1, B2 and B6, there is also B12 133 mcg . I trust this will not interfere with energy patch.
A: Correct

7. I have shorter hair and putting patch behind ear is not the best, it will be too visible. Please give me 2 other option where can I put it.
A: Inner arm or inner thigh, although behind the ear is definitely the best.

8. One patch I can use for 2 -3 days , which means in one week I would need 2 patches . This was my understanding when I was listening to the presentation. But the directions on the package seems to say otherwise. Which is true?
A: 1-2 weekly is the recommendation. You may be misunderstanding the “weekly use” statement. What we mean to say that “regular weekly use” is recommended, especially if you are vegetarian. Of course, you should see your Doctor for final recommendations.

9. I watched the B-12 webinar and ordered the B-12 Energy Patch. I have a few questions–is it better to wear the patch in the open or can it be covered with a shirt? Also I was wondering if a child that just turned 2 would benefit from the patch or would a much smaller dose be better? What is the appropriate dose of B-12 for a 2 year old?
A: The patch does not need to be open to air. We do not recommend use for a 2-year old unless you have confirmed with your doctor that your child is B-12 deficient.

10. I have purchased your B12 Energy Patch and have questions in that regard. Previously I had been taking sublingual tabs of cyanocobalamin base until hearing of your product that is methylcobalamin. I was marketing the product myself and decided your product may be superior. My question is the dosage. Instructions for the sublingual is 1 tablet under the tongue daily and it is 1000 mcg. Your instructions read 1-2 patches per week for a 24 hour period and also 1000 mcg. Why the big difference in dosage AND if the patch is left on for more than 24 hours is that too much or does the dosage in the patch only last for that period of time?
A: The reason for the dosage difference is because you are likely only going to absorb 3% sublingually due to the loss in the digestive system. The 24 hours is a minimum, not a maximum. I leave my patch on for an entire week sometimes. Sometimes I change it 1-2x per week depending upon how I feel.

11. I received my first load of your B-12 Energy Patches, through Matt Monarch. The reason for this mail is that your instructions are not very clear to me, about the exact spot where to place the patch. Is this on the protruding bone behind the ear, or on the soft spot behind it, or does this not matter at all? Also, should I alternate behind left and right ear?
A: We have no research that shows that the spot matters or that alternating improves performance. Our preferred spot is the soft spot behind the ear. Alternating is good idea, yes.

12. Why is there only 1000 mcg of B-12 in the patches? Have you found this dosage to be enough to raise the levels of B-12 in people who are extremely deficient?
A: Yes, we are satisfied that the increased assimilation from the patch, because the B-12 doesn’t have to pass through the digestive tract, results in a much higher absorption for all concerned.

13. Does this patch contain any form of yeast? I have an allergy to all forms of yeast. I’m even sensitive to fungi when I’m having a yeast reaction.
A: There is no yeast in the patch. The fermentation process may have contained a yeast source, but there should be no trace of it in the final product. If you have a negative reaction, simply return the product for a no-hassle refund.

14. I have heard that Folate is more natural than Folic acid. Why don’t you use Folate instead of Folic acid in your B-12 Energy Patch?
A: Folate rapidly loses activity in foods over periods of days or weeks. Folic acid is almost completely stable for months or even years. The chemical lability of all naturally occurring Folate results in a significant loss of biochemical activity during harvesting, storage, processing and preparation. Half or even three-quarters of initial Folate activity may be lost during these processes. This is in contrast to the stability of Folic acid. In Folic acid, the pteridine (2-amino-4-hydroxypteridine) ring is not reduced, rendering it very resistant to chemical oxidation. Folic acid is reduced in cells by the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase to the di- and tetrahydro forms. This takes place within the intestinal mucosal cells, and 5-methyltetrahydrofolate is released into the plasma.

The bio-availability of Folate is affected by the removal of the polyglutamate chain by the intestinal conjugase. This process is apparently not complete, thereby reducing the bio-availability of Folate by as much as 25-50 percent. In contrast, Folic acid appears to have a bio-availability of close to 100 percent. The low bio-availability and – more importantly – the poor chemical stability of Folate has would greatly alter the efficacy of the B-12 Energy Patch. Folic acid is much more stable and bio-available. This is also the main reason that food fortification of breakfast cereals, flour, etc. uses Folic acid.

15. How much B-12 is on the patch?
A: 1000 mcg.

16. How does it know how much to administer during each of two applications? I really love these things and have used them for about a year. Recently, I just gave a pack to my age 22 son. I’m sold on them – just really curious as to how they work.
A: It is a natural absorbent process. The body will gradually absorb it. No tests have been done regarding overdosing, which is why we suggest no more than 2 patches per week unless you are testing your blood to determine what are your levels. Generally, excess B-12, like most B-vitamins, is released from the body if it is not put to use.

17. What is the expiration date?
A: There is no expiration date. New FDA rules stipulate that, in order to put an expiration date on the product, you must have studies that show product potency up to that date. We conduct no such studies, therefore, there is no expiration date. Because our inventory turnover is at least twice annually, we expect that anyone purchasing the B-12 Energy Patch can expect full potency for many months after purchase, but we have no studies to back up this expectation.

18. I have been informed (not by an expert) that “the B12 Patches do not enter the brain.” In other words the B12 Patches do not cross the blood brain barrier. It was difficult to fathom particularly since the brain requires B12 in the meth form. I need to know if the aforementioned comment is true?
A: We have no research to prove or disprove the statement, however, it makes no sense to me. We already know that the B-12 in the patch enters the bloodstream. If it is in the bloodstream, we can expect it to be in the brain.

19: Can you give me your opinion on the following please: http://voices.yahoo.com/review-healthy- … 51288.html The person who used your patches ended up with lower levels of B12. Seems strange, what is your take on it?
A: Yes, very strange. First time I have ever heard of this happening. Seems almost impossible to me. I believe the key to this situation is that the person mentions that he also did not achieve results from the “other” B-12 patch, therefore, it appears that he is the problem, not the patch. In our research trial, we did not have even one person who did not experience an increase in B-12 blood levels, so I have no explanation for this anomaly.

20. I ordered some of your patches from Raw Food World. They were shipped USPS. My mailbox is anything but cool this time of year. The package got rather warm. I noted that they are to be stored in a “cool dry place”. Will their effectiveness be negated? Also, what is the temperature range for storing them? The temperature in my home usually tops out at 80 degrees F.
A: There shouldn’t be an issue. “Cool, dry place” is defined as room temperature between 70-80 degrees. Direct sunlight is more of an issue than temporary heat in a mailbox or UPS truck.

21. How is the B12 stabilized without it becoming toxic or creating any by products that may be toxic?
A: Our patch process is proprietary. We spent thousands of dollars and many months perfecting our B-12 Energy Patch. It is not toxic and you can count on it to be stable. Even though it costs more, we run smaller batches so the inventory remains fresh. This translates into results for our customers. This is why our B-12 Energy Patch is one of our most re-ordered products. Also note that we use methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin. Big difference.

22. What is the source of the B-12? What is the GMO status of this product? How is the B-12 preserved/stabilized to stop it it becoming toxic or creating any by products that may be toxic?
A: The source of the B-12 is fermentation of microorganisms (non-animal bacteria). The active ingredients are non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, non-animal source. The last step in the B-12 manufacturing process entails filtering and drying. It does not continue to react and/or create toxic by products. The adhesive is medical-grade used in many pharmaceutical patches.

23. Is this patch UNSAFE for kids? Why do you recommend that children under the age of 18 not use this?
A: This is just a precaution. We have no data that supports the patch being used or not being used by someone younger.

24. How long in terms of hours does the patch last/continually supply B12 into the bloodstream until it runs out?
A: We do not have conclusive studies on this, but it appears that the supply is depleted from the patch in 24-72 hours, which is why we suggest using two patches per week.

25. Does the color on the inside of the patch give any indication as to how long it lasts? E.g. I can keep on using it until the red fades away?
A: No. See above.

26. Is the folic acid from a vegetarian source?
A: Yes, see above discussions.

27. Is the methylcobalamin non-GMO?
A: Yes, see above discussions.

28. Are these patches sourced from a living or at-least once living source OR from petroleum by-products (coal tar derivatives)?
A: Yes, see above discussions. Our B-12 patch is a high-tech way to absorb B-12 and folic acid over a longer period of time than is possible with tablets or capsules. Plus it eliminates the fillers and binders associated with that form of delivery. The Healthy Habits® B-12 Energy Patch has no competition.

29. I have a question about this patch ‘placing’….is there another spot to place the patch, instead of behind the ear?. There is hardly any space behind my ear that is not covered with hair..on the picture it shows it’s placed farther from the ear than I can put it without getting hairs underneath the patch.
A: The patch can be placed anywhere. The best places are behind the ear, the underarm, the groin.

30. When I take B12 vitamins, they turn my urine intense yellow. The patch does not despite carrying 1,600% more product for a 24hr period, why?
A: One reason could be that the patch is a more sustained release than a disintegrating tablet hitting the bloodstream all at once. Another reason could be that there aren’t other B-vitamins included, which also turn the urine yellow.

31. Please tell me what the life of one patch is. Your suggestion is to use a B-12 patch once or twice a week for 24 hrs., but that’s ambiguous. Is that its limit? I don’t want to be throwing away a valuable product.
A: One patch = 24 hours.

32. How is B12 stabilized in the patch without degrading?
A: The patch will degrade very slowly over a 3 year period, but not much. How we accomplish this is a proprietary method. Our patches are made by the same company that makes patches for medical use so you can be assured of competency.

33. What other ingredients are used?
A: The patch also contains folic acid and the medical-grade adhesive. The adhesive has yet to produce any allergic reactions, but if you have a history of such reactions, you should consider using the patch for just one day and wait a day to see if there is any skin reaction.

34. Who is the manufacturer?
A: We provide the patch ingredients after passing quality control testing in our lab and the patch manufacturer provides the patch material and the medical-grade adhesive. The name of the manufacturer is proprietary information.