Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6

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Supply: 30 Capsules
Suggested Serving: 1 Capsule / Day
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Beta glucan is a powerful immune-modulator that doesn’t cause overstimulation. This natural source of polysaccharides is shown in hundreds of studies to be highly effective.  Beta glucan has a beneficial effect on the gut microbiome*. It works is as a prebiotic that feeds the microbiome, which in turn creates short-chain fatty acids that support the colon to create healthy immunity*.

Beta glucan is one of the safest and most impressive allies in regaining healthy immune function. Since beta glucans have such precise effects the type used must fit like a key in a lock.  The quality and source of beta glucan varies widely and you’ll benefit most from choosing one made from baker’s yeast extract, such as the 1,3/1,6 version. Always buy from a company you trust.

Healthy Habits® Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6 is extracted from baker’s yeast. Beware of Beta Glucan sources that may include oats, barley, mushrooms and algae because unfortunately these sources are only slightly active or not active at all.

Popular With:

  • Healthy Aging*
  • Healthy Energy support*
  • Healthy Glucose support*
  • Healthy Joint support*


  • Supports Healthy Defense*
  • Supports Healthy Cholesterol*
  • Supports Healthy Immune System*
  • Supports Healthy Aging*
  • Supports Healthy Mild Stress Response*

Use Healthy Habits® Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6 for premium quality.*

If you are currently taking immunosuppressant drugs consult your physician before taking beta glucan. Don’t quit your prescribed medications without the guidance of your physician.





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