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Electron Activated Crystalline Structured Water

Water Holds Memory

Naturalist and scientist Johanne Grander revealed that water is like a liquid tape recorder, storing information and vibrational frequencies, even after physical substances or pollutants are removed.

No matter what filtration or purification process it goes through disease markers, frequency and memory remains in all water.

For centuries (vapor to rain), disease markers from waste products of billions of people and animals have been recorded in the water. All water on earth, even distilled, is recycled and very low in oxygen levels. Everybody is drinking somebody else’s disease

Pure Water Hoax

There is no pure water. Only at birth, within our cells, is water found in its pure state. However due to exposure to stress, pollutants, and radiation it loses its original geometric properties and begins to destabilize.

Original geometries of water have changed not only within our cells but within our environment. Unless the structure of water is permanently changed, the memories of viruses, pathogenic bacteria, parasites and spores will continue to spontaneously develop in water.

The Simple Truth

Today’s water is not only imprinted with the frequency and memory of diseases, it is low in oxygen, and low in electrons; two critical factors which give water it’s healing and cleansing properties. The simple truth is, changing the geometrical structure and properties of water so it will accept free electrons is the key factor. By rapid expansion and contraction of water molecules it is possible to break the extremely tight hydrogen bonds releasing the frequency and disease markers.

Our patent-pending proprietary process is proven to be the only system in the world that finds disease markers and removes them while increasing the electron potential and oxygen levels in water. Distributors of bottled, distilled, reverse osmosis, ozonated, filtered, alkaline or spring water can not make this claim. Our process increases the angle between the hydrogen atoms providing a 10 degree differential, increasing the viscosity of water, and producing water that has a crystalline structure at room temperature that’s dodecahedronal (12 planes). Altering the molecular property of water that it will accept free electrons is the key factor.

The Foundation of Life

Water is the single most important substance for life on our planet. All living beings are made up of large amounts of water. We humans consist of over 70% water. Copious amounts of water are organized in multiple layers at the surface of intracellular structural proteins, cellular membranes and DNA. It is therefore vital to have healthy ‘living’ water to sustain us.

Water is responsible for all interactions that control cell behavior and ultimately dictates the state of well-being.

Resonant patterns, metabolic efficiency, organ homeostasis, cellular communication, nutrient delivery, detoxification, diffusion and molecular movements are all dependent on the cells receiving quality and properly structured water molecules.

All chemical reactions in plants and animals that support life take place in a water medium. Water provides the medium to make these life-sustaining reactions possible. In short, the chemistry of life is water chemistry.

Crystalline Structure

Our BioVitale-H2O® is leading edge technology. Unlike other water purifying systems, our electron enhanced water continues to purify itself. Due to the dodecahedronal crystalline structure of the water it also has the ability to store and transmit energy. Some believe the dodecahedron represents an idealized form of Divine thought, will or idea.

BioVitale-H2O® has no competition. There many more molecules in BioVitale-H2O® water clusters and the clusters have a stronger bond, an amazing 12-faced crystalline cluster. Considering this, we can begin to see how the unique properties of BioVitale-H2O® are unparalleled and essential to purifying our bodies and the environment .

NOTE: There may not be scientific research to thoroughly satisfy all skeptics regarding the above statements. Nonetheless, they are the result of our experience and beliefs based on those experiences. The many testimonials of satisfied BioVitale-H2O® users shows that this water is a revolutionary development. We continue to research in order to develop credible answers. BioVitale-H2O® is not represented to prevent, cure or treat any particular disease. The purpose of drinking BioVitale-H2O® should be to feel great, live healthy and be prosperous!

4.63 out of 5

8 reviews for BioVitale-H2O®

  1. 4 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on July 25, 2017 :

    “I try to purify my water, or buy bottled water but I know the water is lacking so I use the BioVitaler H2O in all of our water. We aren’t about to use tap water! I know I’m improving on what I have now”

  2. 4 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on June 13, 2017 :

    “I feel much better using this product and the water tastes better. After using BioVitale-H2O for over a year, I never want to be without it.”

  3. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on May 26, 2017 :

    “I am using the Biovitale-H2O and I really like the way it makes my water taste. I use it in all the water I drink at home.”— Linda, NM

  4. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on May 15, 2017 :

    “We’ve been using the BioVitale-H2Or for years now, we love it! Overall health has i improved, it’s helped clear the sinuses tremendously! It’s helped with stomach problems, and eases my arthritis too.”— Jean, WI

  5. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on April 12, 2016 :

    “I use BioVitale-H2O® on my plants. It gives them oxygen and they grow much better. I notice a great difference in how they grow. I also give it to my dog and he likes it too.”

  6. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on June 22, 2015 :

    “The IonPod® is the greatest invention ever; I use it with my BioVitale-H2O®. My daughter and I both love these products.”— Linda, CO

  7. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on March 26, 2013 :

    I have been taking BioVitale-H2O drops for a month now and I can truly say it works wonders! I put a dropper in every 8 oz of water as well as a dropper in my refrigerated water pitcher. I have been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, lack of appetite and depressed spells for a few years prior to discovering BioVitale-H2O. I was amazed at how diseased footprint in water cannot be removed….except with BioVitale-H2O. That explains it all. Now I feel re-vitalized, energetic, sleep better and feel really healthy again. I am now back to running 2 miles a day easily as well as returning to past favorite sports activities like skiing and swimming. Also, I can work on my design projects for much longer hours with NO fatigue. Thank you so much Healthy Habits for saving my health with BioVitale-H2O. I will continue to buy BioVitale-H2O and other products from you, most definitely!”— Vivien G., TX

  8. 4 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on June 29, 2011 :

    “I just got my order of BioVitale-H2O and used it for the first time. I have asthma and after putting the dropper under my tongue I immediately began to see results!! I started coughing up all the mucous in my lungs and I am so amazed on how fast the BioVitale-H2O started working for me. I just had to call in and let you know about my experience right away!”— Joelle, IL

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BioVitale-H2O® Q & A

1. Can I use BioVitale-H2O® with the IonPod® water?

A: Yes, you SHOULD use it with ANY water. All water has a disease memory unless you add BioVitale-H2O® to it.

2. I am curious about the iodine potassium in this product, in view of hearing how radiation from Japan has reached our country, will the amount of iodine potassium help? I was going to purchase the pills, however, after reading more on how to take them and possible side effects, and then not knowing for sure I didn’t order them. I am concerned as I have a 7 year old grandson and want to make sure he is protected. I just ordered more of this and make sure to put the dropper in each gallon, would it hurt to put more in, I also didn’t realize to put this in everything I drink.

A: The iodine in the BioVitale-H2O® will definitely help. Plus, it is best to take smaller amounts spread over many doses, which is why the BioVitale-H2O® is perfect for this purpose. I use 1 dropper in every glass of fluid consumed. That is my regimen. 1 dropper per gallon is the minimum concentration we consider to be helpful. 1 dropper per glass is much better. You are not only helping to protect yourself from radiation, but you are destroying the disease memory which is in all water. Don’t Drink Someone Else’s Disease!

3. I am confused as to how much of this BioVitale® to use and how to include it. First I was adding a dropper to a quart of water – then I read the bottle and it says to do the math – I weigh 170 lbs and so I had to look for a gallon bottle and then it said no more than 4 oz at a time ““ well I can’t figure out how to get almost a gallon of this mix when I am limited to 4 oz at a time – Next I saw this email and it says add it to everything and at least a dropper to each glass ““ can you help me understand how to use this product?

A: I use it by adding 1 dropper to each glass of fluid I consume.

4. What is the diff between BioVitale® and Cell-Rejuv®.
What does the BioVitale® do and what is the difference between the two products. It looks like the BioVitale® does the same thing as the Cell-Rejuv®?

A: BioVitale-H2O(r) and Cell-Rejuv(r) are two completely different products.
BioVitale-H2O(r) is designed to be added to every glass of fluid consumed daily. It is designed to eradicate the “disease memory” that is present in all water. Don’t drink someone else’s disease! All water on the planet is recycled. People are flushing their diseases daily and it is ending up in the water table. In addition, BioVitale-H2O(r) adds additional protection by its iodine content. BioVitale-H2O(r) has an increased hydrogen bond which makes the water smaller and more efficiently absorbed. This is especially helpful for diabetics or others with poor circulation issues. Don’t drink someone else’s disease!

Cell-Rejuv® is a trace mineral and electrolyte product that assists the body to absorb more oxygen and more efficiently provide energy to the cells. Oxygen deficiency at the cellular level is the #1 cause of disease, especially cancer. Anything you can do to increase the available oxygen to your cells is going to go a long way to helping you live a healthy, long life. Of course, proper electrolyte balance is critical to energy production. Cell-Rejuv®), unlike BioVitale-H2O®), is not designed to eradicate the “disease memory.”

Using both products simultaneously compounds the effects of each product and is highly recommended. We have a daily water rule that says you should consume at least 1 oz of pure water for each 2 lbs body weight. We have a drinking rule that says you should not consume more oz per 30-minutes than the second number of your body weight because more than that will just go straight to your bladder. The absolute minimum use for BioVitale-H2O® is 1 dropper per gallon, which is what the label states. In my opinion, and for myself, that is too high dilution. I personally want more protection than that which is why I use 1 dropper per glass consumed.

5. How can I take my BioVitale-H2O® with me if I am supposed to refrigerate it?

A: That is a good question. The label has an error and is being changed. Refrigeration is not required.

6. Can I add BioVitale-H2O® to the same water that contains Cell-Rejuv®?

A: Yes.

7. I’ve been using BioVitale-H2O® for awhile now in every glass of water I drink. Once I add the drops, do I need to shake the water so that all of the molecules are affected? Or is it an energetic chain reaction where it does not need shaking?

A: It is an energetic chain reaction that does not need shaking. Shaking will only help; won’t hurt.

8. Could you help define, explain or even give me a diagram of the dodecahedronal crystalline structure – I am not sure why but it bothers me not to understand what that is.

A: Here is a good link:

9. How many drops of the BioVitale-H2O® do you put in a 15 or 20 oz. glass of water?

A: I put a dropper in any size glass of fluid that I consume.

10. Can you add it to a cup of tea after you have heated the water for it?

A: Yes, After.

11. Does the microwave affect the use of it?
A: Yes, the microwave affects everything you put into it. Pull the plug on it.

12. Is BioVitale-H20 the same as the treated water by John Ellis? Or in anyway similar?
A: It is not the “same” but it is made using the John Ellis technology.

13. I am taking pHenomenal water. I have an unopened bottle of your BioVitale. Is it okay to take it with the Healthy OH? I am thinking most likely not. Should it be consumed a fair amount of time away from the Healthy OH?

A: It is OK to combine BioVitale-H2O® with pHenomenal Water. It is the Cell-Rejuv® from Healthy Habits® that should not be combined with Healthy OH.

14. Does BioVitale-H20® help someone who has diabetes?

A: BioVitale-H2O® is probably most noticeable for those having diabetes, especially if their circulation is poor to their extremities. After a few weeks on BioVitale-H2O® a person with diabetes should notice increased circulation to the extremities, a bluish color turning more pink. This is vitally important because it also means better circulation to the cells.

15. I weigh 130 lbs.  It  said no more than 4 oz at a time ­ well I cant figure out how to get almost a gallon of this mix when I am limited to 4 oz at a time ­ Somewhere else it said add it to everything and at least a dropper to each glass.

A: I use it by adding 1 dropper to each glass of fluid I consume.

16. How many ounces are in the “glass of fluid” ??

A: My glasses are almost always 16 oz, but it doesn’t matter. The stronger the better.

17. We have a drinking rule that says you should not consume more oz per 30-minutes than the second number of your body weight because more than that will just go straight to your bladder. I weigh 130 lbs. the “second number of my weight” is “3”, so I  would not consume more than  3 ounces each 30 minutes?

A: Yes, for maximum utilization of the water consumed. Set a recurring timer on your phone. You will be amazed at how fast 30 minutes rolls around. Occasionally drinking more than that at one time is acceptable but don’t make a habit of it.

18. What makes this confusing is in reading a lot of the reviews some say they added about ten drops of BioVitale® to each 16 oz. bottle of drinking water.    

A: The important thing is to provide regular fluid intake for the body as routinely as possible. Yes, 2.5  hours per 16 oz will give you maximum utilization of the BioVitale-H2O® water. If you are physically active during that period you likely would feel that you need to consume more water during that time. That is acceptable.

19. Is it ever ok to drink more than 4 ounces at one time?

A: Drinking more BioVitale-H2O® water in a shorter period of time is not going to hurt you. It isn’t about the BioVitale-H2O®. It is simply how much of what you drink do you want to simply end up in your bladder? That is the reason for the regulated drinking, not because you can get too much BioVitale-H2O®. You could consume the entire bottle of BioVitale-H2O® and it wouldn’t hurt you.

20. I want to give it to my six pound dog.  How do I determine how much and how often he should drink it?

A: I would just put 1-3 droppers in the water bowl.

21. I would like to know if I can put BioVitale-H2O® in my perculator when I make coffee?

A: Yes

22. My coffee gets cold and I heat it in the microwave, does this affect the BioVitale-H20®?

A: We are not sure about this, but we doubt that it has a negative effect, however, you should realize that eating or drinking anything from the microwave is generally a bad idea.

23. I buy tea by the gallon at the super market and keep it cold until I drink it, would it be OK to put it in my tea?

A: Definitely

24. I’m a little confused on the several water treatment products you carry and would like a definition of them!

A: BioVitale-H2O® – Basic premise is that it will destroy the disease memory that is in all water, purified or not. We must stop drinking other people’s disease if we want to be healthy and have longevity. It is also a small molecule water that permeates like alcohol. Add to all fluid consumed.

IonPod® Water – Creates high pH low ORP water without using electricity for superb anti-aging qualities. Does not filter. Great for traveling or at home to convert regular tap water to ionized water.

Wonder Light Water – This is BioVitale-H2O® — see above.

25. On the product BioVitale-H2O®, the instructions call for a dropper per gal of water. When you draw up a dropper, it fills it have way.

A: One dropper means the maximum you can get into the dropper.

26. Do you draw up one more dropper to make it full?

A: You cannot do that because you would have to squeeze out what you have in the dropper in order to create a vacuum to draw something into the dropper.

27. Also if you make a gallon of water, do you keep it at room temperature or cool it?

A: It does not matter.

28. Can I mix BioVitale-H2O® with other liquid herbs I am mixing in water?

A: Yes, you should add BioVitale-H2O® to all consumed fluids except Cell-Rejuv® or Cellfood®.

29. Can I mix the BioVitale-H2O® any stronger than 1 dropper per gallon of water?

A: You can mix up to 1 dropper per 10 oz. The way I take it is that I add 1 dropper per glass of all consumed fluid, including my coffee.

30. What if I were to take 1 dropper 3X Daily for the first 7 days each month instead of just for the first 7 days of use?

A: That would be fine. It would provide great protection and increase the O2 blood level.

31. Is it harmful to drink more than 4 oz at one time?

A: BioVitale-H2O® can be consumed full-strength with no adverse effects.

32. How much can you take before it becomes harmful or is it just wasted.

A: For most people, 1 dropper per 10 oz is sufficient. Someone experiencing terrible circulation or oxygen level problems could consider 2 droppers per 10 oz without it being considered a waste.

33. Once BioVitale-H2O® is added to water, how long is it good for?

A: We are not currently aware of any “expiration date” for BioVitale-H2O or BioVitale-H2O® treated water.