Circulation Capsules

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Support Your Circulatory System!

Healthy Habits® Circulation EDTA has been a top-seller for years. It is a proprietary blend of nutrients that work to support a healthy circulatory system. Every organ and cell in the body needs oxygen and proper nutrition to function well. A poorly-fed or clogged circulatory system creates undue stress on every cell in the body. Our Circulation EDTA supports a healthy circulatory system for optimum efficiency.*


  • Supports healthy blood clotting*
  • Supports a healthy heart*
  • Supports healthy cholesterol*
  • Supports healthy nerve health*
  • Supports healthy weight management*
  • Supports healthy vein health*

Circulation EDTA Facts:

  • EDTA chelation Therapy is given by I.V. to over 1 million Americans every year.
  • 1800+ Studies show that EDTA is extremely effective at eliminating rogue calcium from plaque.*

Use Healthy Habits® Circulation EDTA as a convenient oral chelation formula and feel the flow!

Increased Blood Circulation may support:

  • Healthy Hearing*
  • Healthy Sexual Function*
  • Healthy Energy*
  • Healthy Vision*
  • Healthy Anxiety & Stress Response*




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Circulation – Brochure


Circulation Q & A

Q: What are the instructions for the Circulation Capsules?

A: Follow the instructions on the label. The capsules may be taken with meals or between meals. We prefer between meal.*

Q: I have been using the Healthy Habits Circulation (with EDTA) Vitamin formula. It says on the bottle not to take this 2 hours before or after taking calcium or other minerals. I have read that taking calcium with iron can cancel the effect of both supplements. There is no iron in this Circulation formula. Can you tell me exactly why this formula should not be taken with calcium or other minerals?

A: Because calcium is one of the minerals that EDTA latches onto in the blood vessels to clean them out.*

Q: How does the pill Circulation EDTA work? How does the blood get cleaned?? Does it come out naturally, Trough urine I just need to know how does the blood get cleaned up?

A: The EDTA attaches to minerals and metals and hangs onto it as it passes through the kidneys into the urine. A Hair Mineral Analysis is highly recommended at least every 6 months to track mineral levels during and for 1 year after taking Circulation.*

Q: I am concerned about taking the EDTA I ordered.  I just read some frightening information about EDTA, and how toxic it is with bad side effects.  What do you folks there think about this, and can you tell me more information about its safety or non-safety? 

A: Thank you for your concern. The EDTA information that you quote is talking about I.V. Chelation therapy which is the normal medical use of the product and done under doctor’s supervision because it is injected directly into the bloodstream. The therapy works and has been used by the medical world for many years. The side effects that you mention are possible, but rare, and I have never seen any of this with low-dose oral supplemented EDTA. I suppose if you were crazy enough to take the entire bottle at once you would be more likely to produce one or more of the side effects. Yes, chelation can take a few “good” things with it which is why Circulation includes the Vitamin A-B’s-C-D-E and more that it does. Circulation has been one of our most popular products for 20 years and also one of our most reordered products which means that it does what people expect and they do not experience negative results with it. As with anything, one has to weigh the results against potential harm. In my opinion, the potential harm is negligible and the potential benefits are huge, however, it is you and your doctor that must make this decision.*