Collagen Protein Liquid

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Bio-Ready Anti-Aging Formula

With time, your body’s ability to generate and maintain collagen decreases. Next to water, collagen is the most abundant substance in your body, almost 30% by volume. Collagen is the most common protein in the human body and it is critical to overall health. This specific protein has a profound rejuvenating potential for those over 30 years of age whose natural collagen diminishes with each passing year.*

Collagen is a fibrous protein found everywhere in your body: skin, hair, nails, muscles, bone, and connective tissue. As collagen decreases over time, each of these parts of the body show more pronounced signs of aging. Experts agree that the natural aging process seems to be accelerated with the loss of collagen.*

Our proprietary superior quality hydrolyzed collagen protein formula may help support:

  • Weight loss and healthy metabolism*
  • Muscle tone and firmness*
  • Energy and stamina*
  • Healthy sleep and relaxation patterns*
  • Healthy tissue and skin healing*
  • Healthy joint function and cartilage integrity*
  • Healthy skin, hair and nail structure and appearance*

Healthy Habits® hydrolyzed collagen protein is pre-digested by fruit enzymes making it easy on your digestive system, even for those with impaired gastric processes. It’s great for those who have difficulty with pills or solids. You get 15 grams of quality collagen protein in just one ounce daily. Delicious on its own or mixed with your favorite juice or smoothie.*

Ready to drink. No mixing required.

Contains No Wheat*
Contains No Lactose*
Contains No Gluten*
Contains No Fructose*




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Collagen Protein Liquid


Collagen Protein Liquid – Brochure


Collagen Protein Liquid Q & A

Q: Does this product really work?

A: Collagen Protein deficiency is the cause of innumerable problems and certainly has more to do with premature aging appearance than any other substance. Yes, it works. Yes it is great added to smoothies, juice or diluted in water.*

Q: What is the source of the collagen?
A: The collagen is non-GMO bovine derived, then hydrolyzed using natural enzymes for maximum assimilation.*

Q: What is the source of the fructose?
A: There is no fructose.

Q: I am a fan of your Maximum Wellness, Silver Defense and Collagen Protein Liquid (yum) and purchase them often. My question is: do you test these products, which are your own proprietary products, in your own labs? Do you use other facilities to do this? Do you test them at all?

A: We formulate our own products and have them custom  manufactured. Our manufacturer has a $500,000+ laboratory which tests all raw materials when they arrive and tests the finished product to make sure the label claims are correct prior to the batch being released for distribution to happy Healthy Habits® customers.*

Q: I notice “natural flavor” is listed in the ingredients. Is this ingredient MSG (mono sodium glutamate) or a derivative thereof?

A: Absolutely not. You can count on Healthy Habits® to avoid using such ingredients.*

Q: I am skeptical of your collagen protein liquid because it says “hydrolyzed.” I heard that means it contains soy and that it is not good for you. Can you explain?

A: Hydrolyzed collagen is composed of small amino acids, which help form new collagen in the body. Many experts believe hydrolyzed collagen is capable of increasing lean muscle mass stores, supporting healthy joint function and supporting healthy organs. There are currently no known adverse effects of ingesting hydrolyzed collagen protein.*

Hydrolyzed collagen is collagen that is usually derived from bovine bone and cartilage. The bone is usually crushed, ground, defatted, soaked in acid to remove the calcium, soaked again to break the collagen bonds and then dehydrated. This process results in small, intact amino acids which have not been damaged. These amino acids are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and are used as the building blocks of new collagen for new structures in the body.*

Hydrolyzed collagen has been used for cooking for over 100 years and has been known to improve hair quality and to strengthen hair. Knox gelatin was one of the first companies to commercially promote hydrolyzed collagen, or gelatin, as a food product.*

Healthy Habits® does not use any soy-containing ingredients in any products. We are also of the opinion that non-fermented soy products are not fit for human consumption.*

Q: My concern is that the Liquid Collagen because it contains Sodium Benzoate. Why don’t you replace this one ingredient with a safer, more natural preservative?

A: Thank you for your patronage. We use sodium benzoate because it is one of the most effective, safe and trusted preservatives available. I know there is a lot of hype about how bad it is, but it is just that — hype. Any preservative is bad for you if you take enough of it.

It is a known fact that even the strongest poison, diluted into a homeopathic remedy, can become a curative for many. The same holds true for preservatives. The value of being able to ingest a safe liquid supplement far outweighs the potential risks of ingesting the preservative, assuming it is properly used according to FDA guidelines.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has studied sodium benzoate extensively and found that it is safe when consumed in amounts found in normal diets. According to the FDA, it would take approximately 180 times the amount of sodium benzoate present in a typical diet before any problems might occur and 90 times the amount of sodium benzoate that might be found in a diet in which all the foods you eat contain the largest amounts of sodium benzoate currently in use.

Yes, that sounds complicated, but it means the preservative is safe. Here is a quote by the FDA Select Committee on Generally Regarded as Safe Substances:

There is no evidence in the available information to show that benzoic acid and sodium benzoate as food ingredients constitute a hazard to the general public when used at levels that are now current or that might reasonably be expected in future.*