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This Product Has Stood the Test of Time. Our Customers Love It!

DermaTox® Hand Soap is a luxurious extra mild, liquid soap. It gently cleans and softens, while protecting the delicate moisture level of the skin.

NuCell products DO NOT contain sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, propylene glycol nor any other harsh synthetics!

This product is a replacement for our Dermatox 8oz Hand Soap # 136.

5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for DermaTox® Liquid Hand Soap

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on April 17, 2007 :

    “Will DERMATOX LIQUID HAND SOAP get your hands clean? After watering my lawn with moss control my hands were stained black by the rubber hose and some from the iron in the moss control. I thought I would need something stronger then my new bottle of DERMATOX LIQUID HAND SOAP so I tried my previous brand of liquid hand soap that was effective in removing grease and oil from automotive work but it had no effect on this combination; would not even lather. So I tried the DERMTOX LIQUID HAND SOAP it lathered up immediately then started to turn brown as it removed the deply embeded rubber deposits from my palms. My DERMATOX OINTMENT was out in the car so I did not put it on right away but my hands were not sore like they usually are from such exposure. I now enthusiastically reccomend DERMTOX LIQUID HAND SOAP to my clients and Healthy Habits downline.”— Hans, WA

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Customer Testimonial on October 31, 2006 :

    “Everyone here loves the DermaTox Liquid Soap. I am ordering more.”— Arlene , CA

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DermaTox® Q & A

1. I read that someone bathes in DermaTox®. Do you advise that and what ratio DermaTox® to water would you use?
A: Yes, people do that. It is great for skin xxxxx that affect large areas of the body. I would use at least 16 oz of DermaTox®. We have also heard of people doing it with great success who have xxxxx in the digestive tract.

2. I received my first order of DermaTox® and started using it. My purpose for using it was to remove the many xxxxx that I have. I applied DermaTox® on my xxxxx every 4-5 hours during the day for 1 week. I have continued to use it twice a day since then. I have not seen ANY change in my xxxxx . I was under the impression that they would just fall off after a couple of days of using DermaTox®. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do to get rid of them?
A: xxxxx are strange. On the same day we may get a product review from someone raving about how well DermaTox® helped get rid of their xxxxx and we may also receive a message saying that it did nothing. We are not sure what the variable is that works well for some and not for others. One thing that you can try is to continually soak the xxxxx , if possible for your lifestyle, by using cotton soaked in DermaTox® held in place with a band-aid. Most of all, be patient. The xxxxx didn’t appear overnight and it won’t disappear overnight. This has worked for others as well as to heal xxxxx . Nothing on the planet helps to regenerate skin cells like DermaTox®.

It may also be a body chemistry problem, for example, people prone to xxxxx or overweight are more prone to xxxxx . I suggest that you consider doing the a (urine/saliva test) to determine what metabolic imbalances may be present.

3. Does the fading of the color change the effectiveness of DermaTox®?
A: No. The color has no effect. We use a natural color that may fade over time, especially if left in the light or heat. Even if your DermaTox® has turned completely clear, it is the same great DermaTox® that you initially purchased. We could solve this problem by using artificial color or synthetic dyes like so many other manufacturers do, but we are Healthy Habits and will have none of that!

4. Can the DermaTox® be used in the bath water with soap, or only afterwards?
A: It may be used either way. Highly recommended.

5. Does DermaTox® reduce the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins? Does DermaTox® kill xxxxx ?
A: We make no such claims. You can read the testimonials of users to see if any of them have had positive results, but that does not mean that you will experience similar results, nor does it mean that we guarantee that you will. Our guarantee is a simple “satisfaction” guarantee. We don’t know what benefit, if any, our products will give you. That is why we simply want you to be happy with them, or please return them for a refund or exchange for another item.

6. What are the components of DermaTox®?
A: This is a proprietary formula. We can tell you that an assay of the DermaTox® includes the following minerals: zinc, boron, sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese and chromium.

7. How long after spraying DermaTox® can you add moisturizer?
A: As soon as the solution appears to be absorbed. Remember, DermaTox® contains one of the best moisturizers on the planet, hyaluronic acid!

8. How do I keep the DermaTox® Deodorant sprayer from clogging?
A: Simply run hot water over the sprayer and pump it a few times. This will cause the crystals that are clogging the sprayer to dissolve.

9. Does freezing negatively affect the DermaTox®?
A: No.

10. I have heard that some people take DermaTox® internally. How/why is that done?
A: DermaTox® is sold as a skin-care product, therefore, we do not recommend that DermaTox® be used for anything other than externally. Yes, it is true that many people have decided that since it works so well externally, it should do equally well internally, especially for xxxxx just about anywhere in the body. We have no comment about this other than what we are told. Yes, I have been taking it internally for years but we do not recommend that others do likewise. It doesn’t taste the greatest, for sure. When I take it, I use approximately 1 oz. Sometimes I dilute it, sometimes I don’t. Healthy Habits markets DermaTox® as an external skin-care product only, thus, we have not followed up nor done research on the positive/negative effects of internal use. We certainly welcome feedback. For internal purposes, we recommend our Aloe ToxTonic which contains DermaTox® Technology. We created Aloe ToxTonic to give you the added benefits of internal use.

11. Why the name DermaTox®? Sounds toxic, or something to avoid.
A: The name has a long history, but to make a long story short, DermaTox® is a skin-healing (derma) formula that is also a toxoid (a substance that no longer has a toxic effect but retains the capacity to stimulate immunogenicity) hence the use of (tox). Yes, I am sure there are better names, but “too much water over the dam” now to change it.

12. Why is my DermaTox® yellow?
A: If your DermaTox® is any color other than reddish-pink or almost clear due to the natural color fading, you should contact us. Due to natural coloring, the red-pink color will fade over time, especially if not stored in a dark place, but any other color means that you should contact us for a replacement if it is within the 90-day guarantee period.

13. Can DermaTox® be used on rosacea?
A: There should be no problem. Let us know of your results. Some people report positive results, others report no change.

14: Can DermaTox® be safely used in the mouth to soothe sores caused by an allergic reaction to antibiotics?
A: DermaTox® is sold as an external skin-care product only. We cannot make internal recommendations. I can tell you that the Martin Family, and others, have been using DermaTox® for years for internal support xxxxx.We prefer it over any other product. We cannot recommend that others do likewise.

15: How can I explain to someone else what is in DermaTox® that soothes so many skin problems?
A: We aren’t certain. Remember, this formula was given to me by a complete stranger back in the 1970’s. We suspect that it has to do with the way nature bonds the zinc, boron and salicylate (similar to aloe) into a crystal that only nature can make. The procedure to make DermaTox® is quite tedious because the crystals are literally grown by hand as only nature can do, then they are put into a hyaluronic acid solution, blended and bottled. The more you use DermaTox®, the more amazed you will be at how many uses it has for xxxxx and more. Please tell everyone you know about it. It is so much better than what the Big Pharma is shoving at us.

16. Is DermaTox® available at retail stores?
A: No. You may find a few health food stores that carry it, but not likely. The market in which DermaTox® resides is heavily dominated by big Pharma and its subsidiaries. We prefer to go direct to the consumer and use word-of-mouth to spread the word. This is how DermaTox® has remained one of our top requested products for almost 40 years.

17. Are all DermaTox® products gluten free?
A: Yes

18. Do you have any information about using DermaTox® for xxxxx? Do you have names of people who have tried it by diluting it  with xxxxx  success?
A: Year ago I remember seeing some testimonials to that effect, but we are prohibited from suggesting or recommending such use even if it did work. I doubt that we could track down specific names/contact info. Keep us in the loop regarding your experiences.

19. I am wanting some information on DermaTox® testimonials. I originally was a distributor but now just a satisfied customer. I have a friend whose small child has been diagnosed with xxxxx, which I hear is extremely itchy. You can make a nail scratch on the skin and it stays there for a very long time. I am wondering if you have ever had a testimonial that DermaTox® regarding this condition? I’d like to give her a small bottle to try. Nothing so far from the medical doctors are working and supposedly it is inherited. Her little one is just under 2 years of age.
A: I would be very surprised if your friend isn’t very pleased with the results gained from using DermaTox®. Sorry, but we cannot give advice. We can say that we have received many testimonials regarding xxxxx , but do not remember xxxxx being specifically mentioned. Be sure to report back to us regarding your results.

20. Do you have anything to do with the product called DermaTox SC?
A: No.

21. I am looking for a deodorant without aluminum. The DermaTox® Deodorant contains potassium alum mineral salts. Is this an aluminum product? If not, how is it different, and what does it add to the deodorant?
A: DermaTox® Deodorant is mined from the earth. All earth contains naturally occurring alum mineral salts. This is not the same as processed “aluminum” that you may find in other products. It is one of the reasons why the product works, thus, we use it. Note that this is not an “anti-perspirant” product, which we are totally against and which may  contain harmful aluminum and other toxic chemicals to prohibit the glands from performing their normal excretory function.

22. My friend ordered some of your DermaTox® products, and I’m interested in ordering some as well, but I have a few questions first. She received the DermaTox® liquid (the pink stuff), and she also received some DermaTox® Ointment. Now, I’ve read about all the good things that DermaTox® is supposed to do, but what exactly is it that the ointment is supposed to do that the liquid doesn’t?
A: The DermaTox® Ointment is to be used for overnight applications of DermaTox®. Yes, there are additional ingredients in the DermaTox® Ointment, but the liquid used to make the DermaTox® Ointment is the same as DermaTox® Spray. The DermaTox® Ointment is great for xxxxx , anytime when you want DermaTox® to remain on the skin for a long period of time, such as overnight. The medicinal aroma of the DermaTox® Ointment may make it unsuitable for certain social situations. The DermaTox® Ointment has a more sticky consistency than than the DermaTox® DermaGel.

23. What is the shelf life of DermaTox® liquid( the pink stuff). I’ve had it for a couple years.
A: There is no expiration date. We have DermaTox® that is 10 years old and it is still effective. Storing it in a cool, dark place is recommended. The natural coloring may fade, but that doesn’t affect its effectiveness.

24. How do you apply the spray and how often? Do I rub it in after spraying?
A: Spray as often as possible. Rubbing it in is recommended.

25. Will this product slow xxxxx loss?
A: DermaTox® is sold as a skin-care product, not as a xxxxx -loss product. Yes, we have received testimonials from people who believe it has been responsible for remedying their xxxxx-loss, and we can see where the effect that DermaTox® has on the blood could be the reason, but we have no research to support such a claim.

26. Is DermaTox® only designed to absorb after washing with soap when the skin is clean and dry? I live in a dry climate. If I spray DermaTox®on my skin without washing with soap is it unlikely to be absorbed? I’m just wondering if I’ve been missing out on the full potential of DermaTox®.
A: DermaTox® may be applied at any time, however, the more direct contact that DermaTox® can have with the affected area, the better the results. Not every products works for every person. We are still researching why DermaTox® works wonders for some people and does not for others. If you would like to participate in the research program let us know.

27. I was wondering if there was any ingredient in DermaTox® that would be harmful to my dog. My husband sometimes sprays on his legs or hands, arms, etc. and sometimes the dog will lick this. Could this be harmful to my dog? Would it still be harmful if already soaked into the skin?
A: We are aware of nothing that would be harmful.

28. Can I use DermaTox® for my eyes?
A: DermaTox® is sold as a cosmetic or skin-care product, therefore, FDA regulations prohibit us from commenting on such matters except to say that our official position is that DermaTox® is a skin-care product only and is not to be used in the eyes or internally.

29. One of our certified organic farmers is interested in using DermaTox® to cure xxxxx on his organic livestock. In order to approve the use of this product, I must review the ingredients and verify if the product meets our particular criteria.
A: You will find that DermaTox® is the best thing ever used to take care of the xxxxx situation.

The reason the product works is due to the zincboracyl crystals which is a compound that only nature can create and it is a situation where the whole becomes something totally different from its parts. The crystals are basically a zinc borate salicylate grown through a natural crystal growing process where nature combines the ingredients into a non-toxic crystal which is then dehydrated and put back into solution. That is a very long story made short. My family has been using this formula for years both xxxxx and xxxxx . Nothing comes close to the xxxxx power of DermaTox®.

30. Can you provide information of how the Hyaluronic Acid is produced that is in the DermaTox®? I’ve read that it is typically either extracted from animal tissues or biosynthesized from genetically modified bacteria.
A: The HA source is a non-GMO natural microbial fermentation process. You can count on Healthy Habits® to always put quality first.

31. What is the source of the Hyaluronic Acid used in DermaTox®?
A: A natural microbial fermentation process.

32. Can I use the spray and/or ointment on sore on my dog that he will lick? Is there anything in the product that he should not ingest?
A: We know of no reason it shouldn’t be OK. I have been using it xxxxx for 40 years. That being said, it is important to note that we do not recommend ingesting the product. We sell it as a skin-care product, not a dietary supplement. Normally, skin-care products are not ingested.

33. I have been using DermaTox® Ointment on xxxxx and on an arm issue xxxxx?
A: Good. Nothing works as well to support the regeneration of skin cells like DermaTox®.

34. My skin continues to improve but I have no way of knowing whether it is the ointment or a vitamin E treatment that I apply. How does DermaTox® ointment differ in use and effect?
A: The only way to tell which is working is to discontinue one of them for a couple weeks and watch the progress or deterioration of condition. The ointment is made with DermaTox® and is used for the same purposes as DermaTox® however the ointment better suited for overnight application where you want the application to stick and not rub off.

35. What is the difference in the small spray 4 oz. bottle of spray maximum strength Natural Skin Renewal (which I have) and your large bottle (64 0z?) of what appears to be a thicker and pinker formula that you advertise on line?
A: There is no difference. The color may appear darker where there is more volume.

36. Can or should DermaTox® be used where xxxxx or even xxxxx exist on the skin? Would DermaTox® be helpful in xxxxx massively dosed skin by radiation 15 years ago (18,000 rads)for squamous cell carcinoma head & neck cancer?
A: As we are not medical doctors, we cannot address direct medical questions. DermaTox is a natural skin wellness formula that has been used effectively by people with a wide variety of skin problems xxxxx.

37. I read somewhere that hyaluronic acid should not be taken or used by anyone fighting cancer?
A: Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I seriously disagree. The best response to this was written by Bil Sardi in response to someone claiming that hyaluronic acid was dangerous for cancer fighters.

38. How can I un-rock the 1.7 oz. jar of DermaTox® Ointment?
A: Make sure the jar is sealed tightly. Immerse in pot of very hot water until soft.

39. Is DermaTox® safe to use while breastfeeding?
A: This is a question for your medical doctor, however, we can tell you that we have been marketing DermaTox®  for over 30 years have never had a complaint from a mom. You didn’t mention the intended use you have for yourself. Many have reported great success using it for xxxxx, etc., so we expect no problems when using it on yourself. As a precaution, since the answer is technically an unknown, we suggest refraining from using it around your breasts.

40. Is DermaTox safe to use on a cat?  I have a cat highly allergic to fleas and It appears the flea meds I have been using for the past 6 or more years Are no longer working, this happened with the front line I had used before That as well.  Needless to say he has xxxxx , looking for something I can put on them, he will go to the vet tomorrow for an injection.

A: Definitely safe for animals.

41. I also have a ring neck parrot, the vet said he may have xxxxx. I was given some white ointment to put on his beak he keeps rubbing on his perch. His appetite is good, however on one side he has rubbed the outerpart of his beak off so its rough and has a bump in it. I am wondering if the DermaTox® would be safe to use as well?

A: Again, no problem.