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Are you one of the 29 million American’s that suffer from diabetes?
Do you struggle to keep your blood sugar at a healthy level?

People with diabetes or those with a high genetic risk factor need to take incredibly good care of their health. The struggle to manage these issues and find a solution is directly connected to your quality of life and the quality of your future! A healthy diet and regular physical activity are important, but you can do more to help your body get support for sugar spikes.

Without a proper blood sugar control plan, sugar problems may easily lead to serious health problems including; cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and high lipid levels.
Elevated sugar/glucose levels have been linked to:


• Poor Circulation
• Heart Problems
• Kidney Problems
• Poor Healing
• Excessive Thirst and Hunger
• Fatigue
• Excessive Urination
• Poor Immunity
• Poor Eyesight

Healthy Habits® Diabex is an all in one sugar/glucose support formula that combines cutting edge supplement research with expert formulation. Diabex is a custom premium blend of ingredients that have been shown to support healthy blood glucose levels, enhance healthy lean body mass and aid in the efficient break down of carbohydrates.

Key Ingredients Include:

• Berberine HCL
• Patented Cinnulin PF®
• Alpha-lipoic acid
• Chromim
• Gymnema Sylvestre
• Vanadyl sulfate

Don’t be fooled by ineffective cinnamon ingredients! Cinnulin PF® contains highly beneficial compounds which address the specific dietary requirements for persons with diabetes. During the extraction process only the precise compounds researchers have designated as beneficial are isolated and retained. The benefits of these compounds have been documented for years and extensive research has shown their ability to increase uptake of glucose to the cell membrane.

Our premium blend of natural blood sugar regulators is made with the finest quality ingredients formulated for results. The powerful combination of ingredients in Diabex could be your key to sustained energy throughout the day, controlled appetite and weight and overall enhanced wellness at any age.

All Healthy Habits® products are manufactured with pride in the USA. Each of our premium natural wellness products are tested for purity and potency in our state of the art on site laboratory and backed by a 90 day full satisfaction guarantee.

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Diabex Q & A


1. How much berberine do I need to get positive results?

A: Studies show that beberine is effective at daily doses between 500 mg and 1500 mg divided throughout the day. Berberine has a short half- life of about 5 hours, so divided doses are necessary to keep optimum levels.

2. I read that Diabex may have side affects?

A: It sounds like you are confusing our dietary supplement Diabex with a drug by the same name? There are NO “side effects” for Healthy Habits® Diabex. We recently discovered that there is a drug by the same name so we are considering changing the name to avoid situations like yours.

3. The Diabex appears to be working, I run from 104 worst was 179, been over 60 days now, the target of 100 seems the closer I am to that the worse I feel!

A: I know the feeling. I battle elevated sugars. Have to really watch my diet. I find the closer to “normal” I am the worse I feel. I feel like my sugars are really low and my energy drops dramatically. I believe that “normal” should be adjusted a bit higher the older you are, but it could also be that your body has grown accustomed to operating with a higher sugar level and when you adjust it downward, it takes a long time for it  to readjust to the lower level. No matter what, elevated sugars wreak havoc on your cardiovascular system so it is important to keep them under control. I am happy the Diabex is working for you. I also take it daily.