GH3 Rejuv Exfoliating Wash

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Pure glycolic acid and a gentle foaming action work together, taking cleansing to a new level. GH3-Rejuv Exfoliating Wash removes the oils and dead skin cells that clog pores and impede hydration. Our wash contains higher quantities of natural glycolic acid than your typical “off-the-shelf” products, giving you a youthful radiant glow.*

GH3-Rejuv Exfoliating Wash does not contain sodium laureth sulfate. When alternating GH3-Rejuv Exfoliating Wash GH3-Rejuv Nature Wash, you will see and feel the difference, guaranteed! Suitable for all non-sensitive skin types to increase exfoliation. For best results, use before applying GH3-Rejuv Crème. Alternate daily with GH3-Rejuv Nature Wash.*




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GH3-Rejuv Creme Q & A

1. What is the difference between the NuCell® GH3-Rejuv Original, Mint and Vanilla? I have sensitive skin.
A: The only difference is the natural fragrance. We encourage you to use all three fragrances to find your favorite. You can always exchange any that you cannot use.

2. I love the GH3-Rejuv Creme however, I find it very difficult to get the last bit out of the bottle. There is quite a bit left in that I am having to take the top off and swish the tube around and then apply to my face. Any suggestions on how to get it all? It’s expensive enough that I don’t want to be throwing any away.
A: Yes, NuCell® GH3-Rejuv Creme is a fabulous product and you don’t want to waste any of it. Use the cap that comes with the bottle. When you reach the bottom, install the cap and turn the bottle upside down while you use a new bottle. Periodically, use the old bottle as the GH3-Rejuv Creme gravity flows to the top of the bottle.