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Suggested Serving: 9.4 grams / Day
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Healthy Habits Satisfaction Guarantee

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Cleanse, Protect and Nourish Simultaneously*

Toxins are everywhere and unavoidable. For optimal health and consistent energy, our bodies benefit from daily detoxification. Green foods contain chlorophyll (stored sunlight) which helps blood cells deliver oxygen throughout the body. The result of improved oxygenation is the elimination of toxins. Experts agree that daily supplementation with a green-food powder, such as Healthy Habits® Greenergy™, is an effective and easily affordable way to help your body to gently eliminate toxins.

Chlorophyll is known to eliminate body odor, clean the digestive tract; support detoxification of the liver; and support elimination of molds, accumulated heavy metals and more.*

Greenergy™ provides significantly more than just greens. It’s loaded with concentrated and easily assimilated nutrition from fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. It delivers a variety of sources of antioxidants, fiber, plant enzymes and probiotics. This makes Greenergy™ an ideal tonic to start your morning or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. You can take stimulant-free Greenergy™ any time of day.

Healthy Habits® Greenergy™ is an easy-to-mix green drink that tastes so good mixed with water we unconditionally guarantee you will love it –- or your money back. By drinking it daily you can assist cellular detoxification, increase your energy level, oxygenate and protect your cells and more.*  Greenergy™ can also help to balance your pH levels. Many experts believe that high levels of acidity may lead to a host of health issues.

Greenergy™ has been a customer favorite for years. Use it daily and you’ll feel the difference.



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