Hair Mineral Analysis Kit

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The Healthy Habits® Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) may give you the answers you seek. Correct mineral levels/ratios are of key importance for your body/mind to function correctly. Hair Mineral Analysis is a simple, accurate way to test these levels and ratios. We believe it will shed some light on health issues that other tests fail to identify. From just a small sample of hair, your HMA report may reveal hidden aspects of your health that has been overlooked.

The HMA is an easy test to do. Order the HMA specimen kit and return it with a hair specimen. Mineral levels in your body are an all-important factor for establishing overall wellness of the body. Everything comes from minerals. Minerals are the basic building blocks of the body. So go your minerals, so goes your body — often ending up in a disease state when in reality it all started with improper mineral ratios that should have been noticed and corrected years earlier. Minerals are the FIRST domino. Most symptoms later in life are the result of unbalanced mineral ratios earlier in life. If your mineral ratios are out of balance, no amount of right anything is going to have a lasting effect until you fix those ratios.

You cannot get this info from blood, urine or saliva. For example, the body will rob Peter to pay Paul for years to keep the blood normal. Blood is your lifeline. The body will rob from less critical areas to provide what the blood needs to remain normal. This may create symptoms, but they won’t be life-threatening symptoms like it may if your blood falls out of normal ranges. This is why you can feel terrible and still have a blood test that is normal.

You will receive an independent, comprehensive laboratory evaluation of your mineral and toxic metal levels, including detailed ratios and explanations. You will also be provided with a list of dietary guidelines and other nutritional suggestions to take to your health practitioner to assist you in balancing your body chemistry.


To assist you in your quest for longevity and wellness, there is an optional prepaid Hair Mineral Analysis report telephone consultation available with Dr. Martin of Biological Immunity Research Institute ( This consultation may take up to an hour and is $195, however, if you schedule this consultation at the same time as you order your Hair Mineral Analysis Specimen Kit the consultation is discounted $100 to be only $95.

This is a one-time offer and will not be offered later.

The Hair Mineral Analysis report is voluminous and Dr. Martin can save you a lot of time and point you to the priority imbalances that may be responsible for your lack of wellness and explain how you can regain mineral balance.

Why guess when you can be sure? Include the prepaid consultation with your Hair Mineral Analysis Specimen Kit, today. Add your prepaid consultation now and save $100.  Click Here to add.



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