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What is Healthy OH?

Healthy OH Water is recognized as the one of the highest alkaline ingestible products on the market and is formulated to neutralize both lactic and uric acids.*

Remove the Acid!

Acid is the environment in which viruses, bacterial and disease thrive…if you can get the acid out of your system that wreaks havoc on your health, guess what happens? You nurture an inner alkaline environment. When you are in the alkaline state that your body was designed to thrive in, the side-effects are awesome.*

Getting the acid out of your body and maintaining an alkaline body creates an inner ecosystem that naturally staves off illness and disease. It also has the pleasant effect of giving you lots of energy, clear and younger looking skin and shedding stubborn weight. An alkaline body thrives with energy; some even say “glows” with a vibrancy you only see on the healthiest of complexions.*

The Healthy OH Difference!

To the naked eye, Healthy OH looks just like water, but let me assure you it is not water as we think of it coming out of the tap.*

Do you remember learning your first lesson in chemistry? A formula known as H2O… water, comprised of molecules, 1 part oxygen and 2 parts hydrogen. Well, Healthy OH Water, unlike normal water, is simply H-1-O (properly written is OH) or one part oxygen and one part hydrogen. That makes it a concentrated form of liquid known as “hydroxide”. In other words, it is a water molecule missing one of the hydrogens. The hydroxide found in Healthy OH comes from a natural source through natural ionization rather than electronically/magnetically induced ionization. This hydroxide is far more stable because it is natural.*

What happens when a water molecule needs one of its hydrogens? Let’s put it this way, “Mother Nature” does not like being out of balance, so that hydroxide molecule desperately searches for hydrogen so it can go from a H1O molecule back to a more balanced H2O molecule.*

An ounce of Healthy OH Concentrate mixed into a 32 oz. glass of pure distilled water has the potential to dump trillions of acid-binding molecules into your body. When these H1O molecules are ingested they want to return to a more balanced H2O molecule so they are always searching for the hydrogen (aka acid) in your system. When they find that hydrogen (acid) the molecules can once again become H2O and then your body can get rid of them like it does all water, through your urine. That allows you to literally pee the acidity out of your system. How cool is that?*

Acid = Disease*

Acid breeds viruses, bacteria,  parasites and other forms of illness and it contributes to lethargy, a dull complexion, hormonal imbalances, acne, premature aging and stubborn weight gain. When you can get that nasty acid out of your body, you can thrive with energy and glowing health.*

Order enough Healthy OH water to last you a minimum of 30 days. This will give your body time to detox the acid and give you time to evaluate how much better you feel and look using Healthy OH water in your daily diet. As a general rule, you should be drinking approximately 1 oz. of purified water daily for each 2 lbs. of body weight, a maximum of 4-6 oz. per 30-minutes.

HINT: 1 capful = approx. 1/2 tbsp = 1/8 oz.



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Healthy OH Product Facts

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