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Healthy Habits Satisfaction Guarantee


Cleanse While You Sleep

Modern adults have hundreds of man-made chemicals lodged in our bodies. Normal healthy elimination processes cannot remove them all. Foods, drinks, breathing, medications, stress, metabolism, personal products applied to the skin, synthetics, home and workplace chemicals all contribute to the body’s toxic load.

Toxins cause adverse chemical and physiological reactions in the body. Toxins undermine our health by causing stress to our biochemical and organ functions. If toxins continue to accumulate on the body they can trigger the breakdown of the immune system and major internal organs. Unfortunately, toxins are unavoidable. They pose a serious threat to the quality of our health and life leading to poor health. For effective natural immunity the body needs to reach a balance between absorption of nutrients and excretion of wastes and toxins. Common-sense indicates that the sooner we remove naturally excreted toxins from the skin the better it is for our immunity.

26 years of research yielded the breakthrough discovery that wood vinegar essence from certain Asian trees, in combination with other natural ingredients, has the ability to absorb toxins that have been naturally excreted through the skin. What was brilliant was the idea of packaging this special formulation into adhesive pads that can be applied overnight to the soles of the feet where multiple acupuncture points interact with various detoxification channels of the body.

Reflexology practitioners understand that the foot is a map of the body’s internal organs. According to traditional eastern medicine, toxins in the body move downward, to the feet, due to gravity. KinoTox® Pads encourage and expedite the absorption from the skin of naturally excreted toxins. They work mainly on the lymphatic system (lymph is derived from blood, the watery constituents of which exude through the wall of lymph capillaries into tissues, conveying material for nourishment of the tissues and absorbing waste products (metabolic waste, fats, viruses, /bacteria etc.).

Negative ion output from the KinoTox® Pads: We have tested them at a peak of 1830 negative ions per cubic centimetre. A rain forest typically has an output of 300 – 600, therefore, an output of 1830 is exceptional. We guarantee a minimum of 1200. This feature and our high content of tourmaline is what sets KinoTox® Pads apart from other similar pads.

KinoTox® Pads were the original pads to be US lab tested and imported into the USA. Healthy Habits® was first to import pads with this formula over 15 years ago and they remain one of our top reordered products — because they work!

KinoTox® Pads are easy to use and produce visible results on the very first application. Simply attach them firmly to the feet before heading to bed and remove them in the morning. You can expect a sticky residue (from the lymphatic “fluid” that came out) on the soles of your feet in the morning, so have a hot soapy washcloth ready to wash your feet.  The results will be visible and significant. Each box contains 10 pads, plasters and instructions.


Healthy Habits® has been serving our customers for about 2 decades now and we take great care to deliver only the safest and most effective ingredients in the ‘clinically studied’ doses for all of our supplements.  Try it and if you don’t love it – you can simply call us to take advantage of our 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


  1. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I haven’t been able to move my toes for quite some time. After using the KinoTox Pads for just two nights I am able to move my toes again. “—Marilyn, IL

  2. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I feel great when I use your pads and I feel terrible when I don’t.” –Dorothy, UT

  3. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I am once again able to walk down the stairs like a normal person. The KinoTox Pads really work for me.” –Araminta, PA

  4. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “These KinoTox Pads are the real deal. My husband and I love them. Everything we have purchased from you people we have loved! Keep up the good work.” –Ruth, NJ

  5. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I have been using KinoTox Pads on and off for over a year. I love them. Whenever I start feeling under the weather I put them on and always get good results.” –Audrey, IL

  6. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I was skeptical before I started using your KinoTox Pads, but now I’m a believer. I am accustomed to waking up every two hours. The first night I wore the pads I slept for over six hours straight. Amazing.” –Thomas, MN

  7. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I can’t believe how great I feel after using these pads! Am I completely nuts? I wake up feeling great with more energy than ever. I can’t believe it!” –Frank, CT

  8. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “The KinoTox Pads have helped my knees. There is no more ache in my knees now that I use these pads!” –Dr. Delbert, TX

  9. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I have used KinoTox Pads on myself and my husband for a few days now. I feel more energetic. I am amazed at how they make me feel. We have six grandkids and recently I was able to walk for miles, then cook dinner and have energy to spare.” –Bev, WI

  10. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “Since I have started using the KinoTox Pads my knee problems have improved quickly and feel much better.” –Jonelle, WA

  11. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I’ve tried other brands of foot pads and they just end up not working and being thrown away. But the KinoTox Pads work great! I’m sticking with Healthy Habits® from now on.” –Kimberly, NY

  12. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “KinoTox Pads help me sleep through the night. Amazing!” –Christina, FL

  13. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I am 91 years old. I can’t believe how much better I feel after using only eight KinoTox Pads. I want to get another 10 to keep on hand.” –Lena, MT

  14. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “The swelling in my ankles has been bad for six months. After using KinoTox Pads for five nights the swelling has reduced by half.” –Carole, CA

  15. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I’m not exactly sure what I’m cleaning, but whatever it is it is working!” –Mary, MI

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KinoTox® Pads Q & A

Q: Are there any adverse effects?
A: There are no reported adverse effects. As far as problems being helped, due to the fact that we are dealing with the lymphatic system, I cannot think of ANY problem that cannot be helped by detoxing the lymph system.*

Q: Is there shellfish in KinoTox®?
A: There is chitosan, ground shells from shell fish. People with shell fish allergies should approach KinoTox® with caution.*

Q: Why is saururus chenesis in the KinoTox® pad?
A: Saururus chenesis was the first plant to reappear at the atomic bomb site in Hiroshima. This indicates a hardiness and a survival force. We believe in electromagnetism energy. You should want to be exposed to electromagnetic energy that is positive and that supports survival, not energy that results in degeneration and death.*

Q: What is the negative ion output from the KinoTox® Pads?
A: We have tested them at a peak of 1830 negative ions per cubic centimeter. A rain forest typically has an output of 300 – 600, therefore, an output of 1830 is exceptional. We guarantee a minimum of 1200. This feature and our high content of tourmaline is what sets KinoTox® Pads apart from other similar pads.*

Q: Can you use KinoTox® Pads every night? What is the recommended use?
A: It is recommended that you use them for 5 nights and rest for 2 days. We suggest that you use them steadily for 3 weeks, then one week monthly for 3 months. You can also use them in different locations of the body at any time for any length of time for your desired effects. The Pads may be reused if they are not soiled.*

Q: If you keep using KinoTox® pads, do the patches eventually not turn brown and does that mean you no longer have toxin build up?
A: Yes, the patches will eventually become lighter, but I don’t know if you can go so far as to say there is no longer toxins in the bloodstream. It would be accurate to say that the toxins have reached a level that can no longer be absorbed by KinoTox® pads. The BIA® (urine/saliva test) would be a great way to research this issue. Because the body is always excreting toxins, it may take some people a very long time to experience a light color pad in the morning. It is more important to judge how you FEEL when using the pads than it is to judge their value by the color of the pads.*

Q: Has anyone ever analyzed the gunk that the KinoTox® pads absorb and turns them brown?
A: It has been reported that laboratory tests before and after tests done in Malaysia show that the toxins absorbed are Lead, Mercury, Arsenic Copper and Zinc. It is reported that Copper and Zinc, if at optimum levels, will not be absorbed by KinoTox® pads since they are needed by the body. Remember, the pads only absorb what is being excreted by the body.*

We encourage everyone to judge the effectiveness of the pads by how you feel, not the color. The color is an indication that something is happening, but the real question with any wellness product is whether or not that something is beneficial. No one should buy our pads simply because they change color. The contents of the pads will oxidize naturally when used.

Q: How do the KinoTox® Pads work?
A: They work mainly on the lymphatic system (lymph is derived from blood, the watery constituents of which exude through the wall of lymph capillaries into tissues, conveying material for nourishment of the tissues and absorbing waste products (metabolic waste, fats, viruses, /bacteria etc.)*

Q: Is it recommended to move them around on the feet to cover the different acupuncture points?
A: It is not necessary.

Q: If you have a problem, is it better to use them directly there or on the feet? Can you wear them all over your body for a fast detox?
A: Start with the feet. For faster relief double up and use them on the problem area AND the feet, but always the feet. I wouldn’t go to the extra expense of wearing them in multiple areas unless you are experiencing a life-threatening situation. As long as the pad is not soiled you can continue to use it.*

Q: Any reported negative adverse effects? Any problems this hasn’t helped?
A: There are no reported adverse effects. As far as problems being helped, due to the fact that we are talking lymphatic system here, I cannot think of ANY problem that cannot be helped by detoxing the lymph system.*

Q: Are these safe for children to use and if so at what age would you start?
A: They are safe. For children under age 5, I would use caution by using them only for 3 days consecutively. They are wonderful when congestion has invaded the body.*

Q: Do you have an analysis of what the used KinoTox® Pads contain? I am interested to see what has been absorbed from the body.
A: The KinoTox® Pads were tested by Dr. Brooks, North Carolina. The results show a new presence of the following items in the USED pads:


Thus, it appears that the KinoTox® Pads, at least in this case, attract heavy metals and other toxins that the body is better off without. This certainly explains the wide range of results that users are reporting. Keep in mind that any test results will be different for every person, depending upon what they have in their body that needs to be eliminated.*

That would you like to detoxify today? Use KinoTox® Pads for amazing results for many different situations.*

Q: If a person smokes, would they have to use the KinoTox® Pads indefinitely?
A: Smoking definitely puts a heavier toxic load on the body. There is no definite answer to your question except to say that it would be expected that the person would have to use the KinoTox® Pads longer and more often than a non-smoker to get the desired results.*

Q: We have several boxes of KinoTox® Pads that have been in our cabinet for several years unopened, is it still safe to use them?

A: There is no expiration date for KinoTox® pads as long as the pads remain sealed in the cellophane wrappers.

Q: What is the shelf life for the KinoTox® Pads if the cellophane packets are opened?

A: The shelf life has not been determined, but we expect that it is at least 2 years — as long as they are kept in a dry environment.

Q: What is the ingredient in KinoTox® Pads that prevents people with shellfish allergies from using the pads?
A: It is the chitosan, from crab shells. Not everyone with shellfish allergies is affected, but we list it anyway just as a precaution.*

Q: Do people who are allergic to penicillin need to be cautious since the KinoTox® Pads contain mushroom extract?
A: We have never received any indication from penicillin allergic users that the KinoTox® Pads cause any adverse reaction.*

Q: Where do I put the KinoTox® Pad for a thumb that hurts very much when I use it?
A: Place the KinoTox® Pad on the center of the foot as usual. You can also place one around the thumb during sleep.*

Q: I notice that the pads turn dark by adding water to them just like they do after a night’s use?
A: Of course. This is why we tell you to judge the pads by how they make you feel, rather than by the color. Any kind of moisture is going to affect the color of the pads, however, the more concentrated the moisture (toxins) is the darker you can expect the pads to be. The KinoTox® Pads may be reused as long as they have not become soiled. Refer to Q:34 & Q:41 above for toxins found in used pads.*

Q: Do I have to use two KinoTox® Pads?
A: You can use one pad or two pads on the feet or any number of pads on any number of body locations. The general rule is that the more pads you use the faster the absorption. As long as a pad is not soiled it may be reused.*

Q: How do I know where to place the KinoTox® Pads for best results?
A: Use the Reflex Points chart that comes with the pads. Using them on the center of the sole of your foot is always the best place when in doubt. You can use the pads anywhere on the body as well as the feet.*

Q: About two years ago, I had two total knee replacements. We started using the KinoTox® pads about a month ago. In the past week I have been noticing little aches and pains in my knees. This has not been something that I have experienced up to this point since having the knee replacements. Is there any way that the KinoTox® pads can be affecting the “replacement parts” that were put into my knees? I am putting the pads on the bottoms of my feet and they have been coming out dark every single morning.
A: We would be extremely surprised if the pads were the cause. The only way to be sure is to discontinue the pads to see if the pains disappear, then use the pads again to see if the pains reappear. This should rule out weather changes, etc. While detoxing are drinking 1 oz pure water daily for each 2 lbs body weight, no more than 4 oz per dose? When you are detoxing a “healing crisis” can occur that recreates past pains in reverse order that they originally occurred and from inside to outside and from the head downward. If it is merely a “healing crisis”, it should be a passing thing.*

Q: There are other brands of foot pads available. Why should I buy KinoTox® pads?
A: Competition is the best form of flattery. Keep in mind that KinoTox® pads were the original pads to be US lab tested and successfully imported into the USA. The others are just copy cats, plus they do not contain the proprietary formula and pad design that make KinoTox® pads a “natural wonder for a modern lifestyle.” It is the American way of life to first have the original and then along come the copycats trying to hitch a ride like parasites and fool the consumer. You can buy Pepsi, or Coke; they are the real thing, or, you can buy the knock-off cola from Wal-Mart that is cheaper but, unless you have had your taste buds surgically altered, is no way the same. Remember this: There is always a reason why a copy cat product is less expensive. Quality is never an accident. Healthy Habits is committed to producing only top quality, effective products that produce measurable results for everyone who uses them, and, if they do not, we don’t want you to pay for the product.*

Q: Why are the KinoTox® pads so expensive?
A: They are only expensive if they don’t work. That is why we guarantee your satisfaction. The answer to your question is simply, “quality.” Our KinoTox® Pads are custom made according to our specifications. There isn’t a similar product with the same quality control nor ingredients.*

For example, the amount and quality of tourmaline in our KinoTox® Pads, which is important for the transmission of the healing far-infra red energy, is not to be found in other pads. The high quality wood vinegar we use is expensive but it helps insure that the amount of phytoncide released by KinoTox® Pads is greater than the cheap stuff you can find on the Internet. In addition, the foil backing on the KinoTox® Pad helps more efficiently reflect the far-infrared energy into the body, creating a greater healing support. I could go on and on.*

We could cut all kinds of corners and produce a pad that we could sell for half our current price. Others are certainly doing it, but we choose to use only the finest ingredients. This results in a higher cost of production, thus, other lesser quality pads can be sold for less because they cost less to produce. It is simple economics.*

We prefer to produce high quality products that do cost more, but you get what you pay for. We have thousands of satisfied customers and will continue to do our best to make certain that you continue to be one of them. Your health should not be a compromising situation.*

Keep in mind that we are the leader. We were the first. The others are copycats. We understand that there are always people who will pay less to get less. It is our desire to serve those who prefer to pay more to get more. In the long run, it is your health we are talking about and no one should be settling for less than first-class wellness.*

Q: Will more toxins be absorbed by a pad if you leave it on the body longer (say for 24 hours) or is there a limited amount of toxins that each pad will absorb?
A: The limit of the pad is approximately 8 hours.

Q: Any experience with KinoTox® pads helping emotional or mental health problems like depression, anxiety or schizophrenia?
A: There have been testimonials but the FDA prohibits us from commenting.*

Q: Are there any contraindications while wearing the pads, like not getting them wet or not eating certain foods?
A: Do not get them wet. No food contraindications.*

Q: Can you wear the patches during the day instead of at night?
A: They are most effective when used overnight.*

Q: Can the KinoTox® pads be used on animals?
A: Definitely.*

Q: I put some plain saline solution on a sachet and it turned a brown color, so how do I know if they turn that brown color it is due to toxins and not just sweat from your feet?
A: The nature of foot perspiration is to help get rid of toxins in the body. The pads absorb this moisture which allows an increased amount of release through the skin. The far-infrared energy released by the pads elevates the temperature which results in an increased detox.*

Q: I have a swollen lymph node on my neck that has been there for a very long time. Is it safe to place the pad on my throat?
A: Sure.

Q: I have had foot surgery and have small surgical pins in my foot. Can I use the KinoTox® pads?
A: We have had one report of someone using the KinoTox® pads who had surgery pins in the foot. Their experience was not pleasant. They reported that it felt like little electrical currents running through their foot. Therefore, we do not recommend using the KinoTox® pads if you have a similar situation.*

Q: I have a difficult time keeping the KinoTox® pads on my feet during the night.
A: Try using a sock over the foot. You may also use your choice of tape. We do have extra adhesives that may be requested to help you gain the full benefit of using the KinoTox® pads.*

Q: What is Agaricus mushroom and why is it an important ingredient?
A: Agaricus is perhaps the most researched mushroom family for its effects on the immune system. This ingredient is responsible for many positive benefits. It is very high in glucagons, a substance that is used by the body to support proper cell reproduction.*

Q: What is “tourmaline” and why is it important to have a high concentration of it in the pad?
A: Tourmaline is a complex crystalline borosilicate also containing many other minerals such as iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, potassium and trace elements. It is a mineral of much interest to the physicist because of optical and electrical properties. Tourmaline is piezoelectric, that is, it becomes electric by pressure. If a tourmaline crystal is subjected to pressure along its optic axis, it behaves as though it were contracting by reduction of temperature. The mineral may also be rendered electric by friction. It retains the charge for a long time. It assists in generating negative ions and far infrared rays. Far infrared rays resonate with the same long wavelength of water in the body. KinoTox® Pads have the highest tourmaline content of any similar pad. KinoTox® Pads do not contain starch, which some manufacturers use as a filler. Some highly sensitive users state they can feel the electromagnetic energy flowing from the pad into the body.*

Q: What ingredient has shellfish in it?
A: Chitosan is powdered shells from shell fish.*

Q: How much % ingredients are in them for tree and bamboo extract?
The exact formula is proprietary. Rest assured that we have enough of each ingredient listed to accomplish the intended task assigned to the KinoTox® pads. We were the first to import pads with this formula almost 19 years ago and they remain one of our top reordered products — because they work! We appreciate your efforts to let others know of the wonders of using KinoTox® pads at least 5 days every month.*