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Why Are Minerals More Important Than Ever?

Experts estimate that around 90 percent of Americans suffer from a mineral deficiency or imbalance. This is alarming because when consumed in proper ratios, ionic and trace minerals have a profound effect on your overall health and wellness. However, these essential building blocks have become increasingly difficult to consume through your diet due to modern aggressive farming techniques that have stripped the soil of most of its minerals and nutrients. Because consuming the proper amounts of these essential minerals through your diet is very difficult, you must use a high quality mineral supplement to restore mineral balance within your body for proper health and wellness.

How Do I Know If I’m Mineral Deficient?

Common indicators of mineral deficiencies have been linked to:
• Abdominal pain, bloating or constipation
• Decreased Immune System
• Irregular Heart Beat
• Poor Concentration
• Muscle Cramping
• Nausea
• Excessive calcium accumulation
• Soft fingernails
• Hair loss
• Poor vision
• Weak bones
• Arterial plaque
• Fatty tissue
• Fatigue and low energy
• Yeast overgrowth

Find Out For Certain With a Hair Mineral Analysis
Use Healthy Habits® Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) to identify your mineral levels, deficiencies and ratio imbalances. Hair grows from the inside to the outside of the cell, so it accurately reflects the intracellular mineral content of your body. Over 90% of minerals in the body are intracellular. Since hair is tissue, a Hair Mineral Analysis is a valuable diagnostic tool regarding your mineral levels/profile. Use the HMA to discover your imbalances, personal mineral profile and your unique needs. Re testing after making mineral intake adjustments has shown quantifiable results.

Something To Consider
Using a high quality mineral supplement may be more important than ever when you consider the top reasons for deficiency. What kind of difference can healthy mineral levels make in your life?

1. Depleted soil and aggressive mass farming
Studies show and it’s widely accepted that our food just doesn’t have the same nutritional value as it once did. Experts have estimated that America has lost up to 75% of its nutrient rich topsoil.

2. Poor diet
People just don’t eat as healthy as they should. It is estimated that less than 5% of the population eats minimal RDA’s for fruits and vegetables.

3. Digestion and elimination trouble.
Our standard diet piles on years of undigested waste in our digestive system. This buildup hinders the absorption of nutrients.

4. Use of drugs
Prescription and over the counter drug use is known to interfere with mineral absorption. Furthermore, minerals are often depleted when your body metabolizes drugs and OTC products.

5. Cheap supplements
Cheap supplements are no good and good supplements are not cheap! When it comes to minerals, cheap products made from inferior sources, your body has to work harder just to get rid of the unused and sometimes toxic materials.
Healthy Habits® MINEREX® is a complete mineral supplement that combines premium quality plant and sea bed minerals to provide your body with essential nutrients. Just 2 easy capsules daily is all it takes to get the full amount of approximately 80 bioavailable trace and ionic minerals.


You Won’t Find Cheap Metallic Minerals Here!
We use only the finest North American plant based and sea bed ionic minerals in MINEREX®. Ultra-Pure and direct from Mother Nature, our formula is gentle on your system, breaks down easily and is designed for results you won’t find with cheap metallic colloidal minerals. Insist on Healthy Habits® quality and you can’t go wrong.

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1. How much calcium is in MINEREX®?
A: There is approximately 1 mg of calcium in each MINEREX® capsule. MINEREX® is not designed to be a calcium supplement. We use MINEREX® primarily to adjust trace minerals in the body while leaving calcium alone. Hair Mineral Analysis show that most people have excess calcium in their tissues which is causing a wide range of symptoms and ultimately diseases.