Night Tea

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Fall Asleep Faster  and Sleep Better Naturally

Do you suffer from “light” sleeping, or waking up at all hours of the night? Are you so overanxious at nighttime that it is difficult to fall asleep? If so, you are certainly not enjoying the kind of deep restful sleep you need. When is the last time you awoke rested and feeling great?*

Sleeping problems have the potential to be hazardous to your health. Poor sleep is often associated with high blood pressure, heart problems, anxiety and depression, according to a recent national survey of 31,044 adults. It also appears to weaken your immune system which can aggravate or contribute to painful bodily inflammation and a variety of other chronic health problems.*

Researchers of sleep-related issues have recently discovered that a good night’s rest does far more than make you feel rested and energetic. It is absolutely imperative for the over-all health of your mind and body. A truly restful sleep can make you feel much better in a number of ways. In addition to providing you with extra energy, restful promotes positive “brain chemicals” which can improve your mood, promote a sharper mind, decrease the frequency of illness, expedite weight-loss, and promote well rested younger-looking skin.*

Good news! Healthy Habits® natural and delicious Night Tea will help you solve those unpleasant sleep issues. Each conveniently-sized bottle makes 30 cups of a delicious tea like beverage; just add 2 drops to hot, warm, or even cold water and enjoy the sweet and light chamomile mint taste. The chamomile, lavender, and essential oils contained in Night Tea will help make you relaxed and drowsy so that you can enjoy full, restful sleep when you close your eyes.*

As always, Healthy Habits® is on the cutting-edge of research with our new Night Tea formula. Our tea contains meaningful doses of melatonin, the well-known natural sleep aid. The world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently reviewed 17 studies of the dosage of melatonin, and concluded a mere 300 micrograms (that reads .3 mg on a product label) is all your body needs for natural, restful sleep and an alert awakening the next morning. This is just what you will find in our delicious Night Tea, along with our proprietary blend of delicious, calming herbs and essential oils. Use it tonight, and thank us tomorrow!*



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