Rejuv Creme with Plant Stem Cells

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Our Most Complete Anti-Aging Skin Care Formula Ever!

Rejuv Crème with DermaTox® & Anti-Aging Plant Stem Cell Technology!*

Years of development and testing has yielded our most complete anti-aging skin care formula ever. We’ve combined the cell nourishing ingredients of our GH3-Rejuv Crème, the time tested soothing power of DermaTox® and the Anti-Aging benefits of Plant Stem Cells into one remarkable formula. Skin is nourished, hydrated and rejuvenated.*

Diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Watch your youthful glow return! Apply it after cleansing your face at night and again in the morning. Use it for 30 days and see the remarkable difference. Your friends will be asking you what you’ve been doing to look so much younger!*

This formula has it all

  • Skin Cell Rejuvenators*
  • Natural Moisturizers*
  • Organic Fruit & Superfruit Extracts*
  • Super Antioxidant*
  • Amino Acids*
  • Vitamins*
  • And Much More!

No sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, propylene glycol nor any other harsh synthetics!*

Comparable formulas easily sell for up to $150.00 per ounce!




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“I love, love the Rejuv Creme with Plant Stem Cells! Have been using it for about a year and love the way it goes on and makes my skin feel and look even. I am 68 years of age and always looking for great natural products and I have found it! Will be using it always.” — Chantal

*Individual results may vary.




*Individual Results may vary.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Rejuv Creme with Plant Stem Cells Q & A

Q: How do the plant stem cells help my skin?

A: The effectiveness of plant stems cells is their ability to support healthy skin cells. Our exclusive plant stеm сеll material combined with high quality organic plants, fruits, antioxidants and moisturizers rivals products found in high end spas and skin care clinics.*