Silver Defense 8 oz

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Item Number: 1284
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There are more than a hundred different types of silver available today. Some are ionic and some are colloidal. You may have heard about such silvers or are familiar with their many benefits. We’ve got great news for you!*

Say Goodbye to Skeptics!

Gone are the days when opponents of silver efficacy could cite lack of scientific evidence. Healthy Habits® is proud to bring you Silver Defense, an ultra-premium, nano (molecule sized) silver backed by multiple patents & hundreds of independent safety & efficacy studies.*

Silver Defense incorporates technology that allows it to work in ways that other silvers cannot. This silver technology is being used in dietary supplements, topical gels, government approved home disinfectants and wound care products, for humans and animals.*

Boost Immunity!

Silver Defense is specifically designed to help support a healthy immune system. It resonates at 890-910 tera hertz, the same anti-microbial frequency used in “blue” germicidal laboratory lights.*

It’s that time of year and we should all be doing everything we can to support immunity. Put germs on notice! Silver Defense is on the way. Order yours today and bolster yourself and your family.*




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