Vision Max

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Give Your Eyes The Support They Need

When you are concerned about the health of your eyes, be certain you are taking a quality formula. Vision Max from Healthy HabitsĀ® is an excellent vision formula and it doubles as a powerful antioxidant!*

We use 5000 IU of full spectrum vitamin A, comprised of Alpha and Beta carotenes, combined with lutein and zeaxanthin for optimal eye health.*

Studies indicate that lutein supplementation may support healthy eye function.*

Zeaxanthin plays an essential role in protecting the retina of the eye from the damaging effects of light.*

Additionally, Vision Max has an essential Proprietary Macular Antioxidant and Carotenoid Blends!*

We include anthocyanosides from bilberries to help your eyes adapt to variations of light intensity.*

Those that work in front of bright lights such as a computer and suffer from eye fatigue or night blindness may especially benefit from Vision Max.*

See the difference!




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Vision Max – Brochure

Vision Max Q & A

Q: How many mg’s of Lutein and zeaxanthin are included in your proprietary Carotenoid blend?
A: The reason it says “proprietary” is because that information is classified. Rest assured that it is enough to be effective according to available research regarding those ingredients as long as the product is consumed according to the suggested use directions.

Q: I just received my order of Vision Max and Stem Cell Max. What is the best way to take these with or without food? Does it matter?
A: Both are best between meals if it can be achieved but it is not critical.*