Zinc A and C

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Winter, summer, spring or fall, we may all be susceptible to nutritional deficiencies, especially as we age. During periods of stress levels of water-soluble nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C and beta-carotene can be rapidly depleted compromising our immune system. The nutrients in Zinc A & C are known to be important to maintaining good health.*

Nothing beats Healthy Habits® Zinc A & C when you need extra immune system reinforcement.*

Zinc offers many important benefits:

  • Zinc supports healthy hormonal balance*
  • Zinc supports healthy insulin and blood sugar levels*
  • Zinc supports healthy circulation*
  • Zinc supports healthy energy levels*
  • Zinc supports liver health*
  • Zinc supports muscle growth*
  • Zinc supports healthy immunity*

Vitamin A and Beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, may be nutritionally important to the body’s defense system. Vitamin A supports normal cell reproduction and is needed to maintain the strength and function of mucous membranes to help keep the immune system strong and to resist invasion by micro-organisms .*

  • Vitamin A supports eye health*
  • Vitamin A supports healthy immunity*
  • Vitamin A supports healthy inflammation levels*
  • Vitamin A supports healthy skin*
  • Vitamin A supports healthy tissues*
  • Vitamin A supports healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Vitamin A supports bone health*

Vitamin C is a chief antioxidant, helping to eliminate free radicals. Vitamin C has been credited with extending the usefulness of other antioxidants, including vitamin E.*

  • Vitamin C supports healthy histamine levels*
  • Vitamin C supports a healthy mood*
  • Vitamin C supports healthy blood pressure and blood flow*
  • Vitamin C supports healthy lungs*
  • Vitamin C supports healthy inflammation levels*
  • Vitamin C supports healthy exercise recovery*
  • Vitamin C supports healthy collagen production*
  • Vitamin C supports healthy cortisol levels*

This smart formula includes copper and vitamin B6.

For best assimilation zinc supplements should not be taken with calcium or iron supplements; take it at a different time of day.




  1. Rating by Joy on January 9, 2019 :

    “I have been taking this product for quite some time and I absolutely love it. It’s so convenient to meet my required intake of zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C. Thank you for making it easy!’ –Dorcas, TX

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Zinc A & C Q & A

Q: I have ordered the Zinc A & C formula and it should be arriving soon. Why is it better than taking zinc, A and C separately?
A: It is better because taking separate Zinc, A and C separately isn’t going to work. I do not know the reason other than that. I spent 20 years developing this formula mainly because I was frustrated that taking separate Zinc, A and C didn’t product the results I wanted. The forms and the sources for each of the ingredients, plus the other ingredients in the formula, matter greatly. The bottom line is that you want a product that works. Zinc A & C works.*

Q:. I have heard that it is not good to take isolated beta-carotene. Is this true?
A: Beta-carotene is a pigment found in plants that gives them their color. The name beta-carotene is derived from the Latin name for carrot. It gives yellow and orange fruits and vegetables their rich hues. Beta-carotene is also used to color foods such as margarine.*

In the body, beta-carotene converts into vitamin A (retinol). We need vitamin A for good vision and eye health, for a strong immune system, and for healthy skin and mucous membranes. Taking big doses of vitamin A can be toxic, but the body converts only as much vitamin A from beta-carotene as it needs. That means beta-carotene is considered a safe source of vitamin A. However, too much beta-carotene can be dangerous for people who smoke.*

Beta-carotene is an antioxidant. It protects the body from damaging molecules called free radicals. Free radicals damage cells through a process known as oxidation.*

You are wise to question any supplement. The Zinc AC formula has been around almost 30 years. It has been one of our best reordered products because it works. We have never received anything negative regarding the formula. It is a wonderful immune system booster, especially for supporting a healthy upper respiratory system.*