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10 Signs Your Body Needs a Detox

Hi again. It’s Ken Feakins from Healthy Habits. As a fitness professional, I often come across clients that are plagued with low energy and have a hard time focusing. Typically, these people just plod from day to day without doing anything to address these issues…

…but I can tell you with 100% certainty that life doesn’t have to be that way.

Have you ever wondered if your body needs to be detoxed? Your body will tell you. You just have to know what to look for when it’s trying to communicate.

Low Energy/Fatigue


With the meteoric rise of energy drinks and the steady popularity of caffeinated beverages, you’d think there was an low-energy epidemic in full swing.

Trying to make up for a lack of energy with stimulants like caffeine and taurine only worsen the problem in the long run. After the pick-me-up, there’s often an energy crash that leaves you feeling worse than when you started. Not only that, these beverages usually act to burden the liver, making the problem even worse and sending you into a low-energy spiral.

If you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and pretty much stay that way throughout the day with varying degrees of lethargy, you should definitely consider detoxing. A detoxification program can help you lose body waste, feel lighter and release stored-up toxins.

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: Detoxing can help you flush out the things that are preventing you from feeling energetic and having a pep in your step.



Chronic constipation is a sign that something isn’t right in your digestive system. If you’ve tried increasing your fiber intake and adjusting your diet with limited results, your body might be trying to tell you that it needs a cleansing. Frequent indigestion is also a common sign.

If you’ve accumulated years of waste in your bowels and colon (including impacted fecal matter and more), constipation could be just one symptom of a larger, more pressing problem.

In conjunction with cleansing, you introduce plenty of healthy foods like raw fruits and vegetables, and stop the intake of fried foods and other unhealthy options so your body is getting a break, as well as getting the vitamins and minerals it so badly needs.

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: A good cleansing routine is the order of the day if you’ve been battling with bouts of constipation. An effective cleanse will not only clear your colon of any stored-up fecal matter but will cleanse your digestive tract as well, improving your digestive health along the way.

Brain Fog/Focus Impairment


There’s one energy drink on the market that keeps promising to improve your focus. Perhaps that’s because there’s a serious need for many people to go on a detoxing program because of all the toxins they’re exposed to on a daily basis.

If you consistently find that in your natural state you lack the ability to focus, and you find yourself adrift in a mental fog, your body could be screaming at you to detoxify it, and this is its cry for help. Don’t misread it as a sign to use a stimulating drink or prescription drug.

Once you free yourself of toxins in the form of candida (a parasitic fungus), heavy metals and more, you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll be able to focus, stay on task and get things done.

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: Helps get rid of the toxins that are preventing your brain from firing on all cylinders. Can restore clarity, focus and concentration by ridding your body of excessive and damaging candida fungus.



The way you feel is largely dependent on your ability to feed your body with nourishing foods. Your mood can change with the right or wrong meal, and eating foods that are low-quality or even toxic to the body over long periods of time can put you in a depressed state.

The problem is that when you start to make changes to feel better and change your diet to include more life-giving foods, the toxins will block the nutrients from finding their way to your brain. Toxins have a way of nestling into the body and can remain there unless acted upon by another force. In this case, a cleansing program can help to get your mind back in the right place.

It’s important to make the distinction between feeling down and depressed and having clinical depression. If you believe that you may be clinically depressed, it’s important to consult with your doctor for the best help.

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: Detoxing may not be the cure for clinical depression. (You’ll want to see your doctor for that). But as far as helping to avoid depressing thoughts, detoxing can work wonders. It frees your body of stored-up toxins that can keep you in patterns of negative thinking, and can inspire a new outlook on life.

Obesity/Weight-Loss Trouble


If you’re not at your ideal weight even after several earnest attempts at weight loss, it could be that you were fighting an uphill battle thanks to all of the toxins in your body.

Turning over a new leaf and introducing your body to healthy, vitamin- and mineral-rich foods can work wonders. However, if toxins in your body prevent the absorption of vital food nutrients, the “new leaf” doesn’t turn as well as you’d hoped.

When you detox your body, you bring things back to square one rather than starting at a disadvantage. Detox not only helps your body shed body waste and lose weight as a byproduct of doing the detox, it sets the stage for healthy weight loss with the adoption of a better diet and a more active lifestyle.

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: A detox cleans the slate, if you will, and allows you to start fresh rather than swimming upstream by trying to be healthy while still having plenty of stored-up toxins.

Sleep Trouble


An excessive amount of toxins can keep you up at night, tossing and turning as your natural cycle is disrupted. Melatonin signals the body for sleep, but an excessively toxic body can reduce the amount of melatonin that is released and cause a domino effect when it comes to getting natural, restful sleep.

When your body is persistently kept in an unnatural state (which is the case if you have too many toxins in the body), you may find yourself falling out of rhythm with nature. This will have you staying up late and waking up later than you need to, or feeling like you need more sleep than you actually do.

Try detoxing before resorting to sleep aids, which will only prolong the problem.

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: Detoxing helps you by restoring your body to a more natural state. You can then be more apt to follow the patterns of the circadian rhythm (a 24-hour cycle), getting tired at appropriate times at night thanks to melatonin released by the body, and waking up with the birds feeling refreshed and recharged.

Sexual Dysfunction


It’s funny to think that many of the prescriptions filled and products sold in relation to sexual problems could be solved with implementation of a simple cleansing routine. Your sexual organs are the same as any other organ, and their proper function can be thrown off when there are too many toxins wreaking havoc on the body.

Many who complete a detoxing program report feeling a stronger sex drive and experiencing better performance than before they started the program.

If you’ve never tried detoxing and your sexual performance and desire has gradually waned, it may not be a sign of aging, but rather a sign that you need to internally cleanse.

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: If your reproductive organs aren’t getting the vitamins and minerals they need to do their job thanks to toxicity in the body, your physical performance will be affected and you may end up blaming yourself.



The source of some headaches is easy to identify, either from a stressful day or being around a lot of noise. But if you suffer from regular headaches with no obvious cause, it may be just the time to start detoxing.

A headache is a pretty reliable way for your body to tell you that something isn’t right. It gets your attention and can bring your world to a standstill if it’s bad enough. Rather than treat the symptom of pain, it’s best to see if your headaches are being caused by a toxic state.

Before trying yet another pain reliever or worrying that you’ll have these headaches for the rest of your life, try a detoxing program to see if that’s the issue. Just be warned: Your headaches may worsen during the detoxification process, but when it’s complete, they should be gone (or greatly reduced).

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: Detoxing gets rid of impurities in the body that may be making you more prone to a headache.

Unexplained Soreness/Stiffness


Do you wake up in the morning feeling sore and stiff even though you didn’t do anything the previous day to justify feeling that way? If you play a rough sport or practice mixed martial arts, it makes sense to wake up feeling like you were hit by a truck. But what if you don’t have a good reason for feeling this way?

When you have toxins in the body that need to come out, you’re more likely to suffer from inflammation, because many of the foods and beverages that cause toxicity also lead to inflammation.

If you’ve never cleansed to flush these toxins from the body, they build up over the years and can lead to premature and undue soreness and stiffness in the body.

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: Detoxing can help reduce excessive inflammation, which in turn helps to soothe the aches and pains brought on by too much inflammation in the body.

Skin Problems/Allergic Reactions


You may have noticed that your skin has been having issues, and nothing that you’ve tried has been able to fix it.

A topical treatment isn’t going to help if the cause of your skin problem is excessive toxicity in the body. It’s time to get to the root cause and follow a proven detox program that lists skin conditions as one of the symptoms it can relieve.

How Internal Cleansing/Detoxing Helps: Detoxing works at the source of the problem, ridding the body of toxins that can lead to rashes, outbreaks and allergic reactions on the skin, as well as sneezing, coughing and asthmatic conditions.

With so many complex health issues connected to body toxins, you might believe that a full, cleansing detox is just as complex, but it’s not.

You can do it with 3 simple tricks that will rid your body of toxins, heal existing damage, boost your immune system and skyrocket your energy levels?

These 3 tricks have been shown to eliminate toxins up to 15 times more effectively by using a quick cleansing solution just twice daily… and here’s the really easy part:

These 3 simple tricks take less than a minute to perform.

And don’t forget—sweat is magic! Work up a good sweat every day to make your health and fitness wishes come true,
Ken Feakins

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