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Easy Apple-Spice Water Recipe That Beats Winter Dehydration

Few people come in from a frosty winter walk or day of tobogganing and rush for a cold glass of water, and that makes sense. When a winter chill has seeped right down to your bones, most people want to warm up with a cup of warm tea or hot chocolate. Yet cold air is dry air, which robs your body of moisture even as the cold tricks you into believing that you aren’t losing fluids as quickly as on a hot summer day. When combined with coffee, tea and other drinks that flush water from your body, the overall effect can leave you dehydrated, and that can have health consequences like dizziness, fatigue and a general feeling of illness.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid all this by simply increasing your daily consumption of water, which offers a wealth of health benefits.

Here are four of the biggest ones:

Water Detoxifies Your Body


Water helps keep you healthy by ridding your body of harmful toxins that can make you sick. Water also helps your kidneys and digestive system work more efficiently, and fights constipation.

Water Helps You Sleep Better


Water helps balance your hormones, including melatonin (the sleeping hormone), by balancing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Water Boosts Energy and Focus


People generally feel less energetic during the winter from lack of Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) and dehydration from both cold outside air and dry indoor air. By drinking more water, your body uses less energy to perform its functions, which leaves you with more energy to do more. As well, drinking more water improves concentration and mental focus.

Water Helps Keep You Feeling Full for Longer


Without enough water, your brain often simulates the sensation of being hungry, and extra calories on top of reduced winter activity levels can lead to unwanted weight gain. So when you feel hungry in between meals, try reaching for a glass of water instead. If that tames your hunger, then your “hunger” pangs were really your body’s way of asking for water. However, if you still feel hungry after that, enjoy a healthy snack.

Now, as I acknowledged at the start of this article, I realize that water doesn’t have the same warm and delicious appeal as tea or hot chocolate (or whatever your favourite winter warm-up drink happens to be). If that sounds like you, here’s a simple, tasty recipe to increase your winter water consumption:

Infuse water with flavors that remind you of those winter warm-up drinks. For example, try adding apple slices and a few cinnamon sticks to a Mason jar filled with water. Let the ingredients stand for a few hours (or through the night to infuse the water with the most flavor) then enjoy the taste of drinking apple-spiced tea!


Depending on whether you like room-temperature or cold water, you can even have a few Mason jars on the go in the fridge or on the counter, with the goal of drinking at least two jars per day. If drinking cold or room-temperature water really isn’t your thing, you can always fill a Mason jar with boiled water. The hot water will release the flavor of any added ingredients a lot faster, and besides warming you up, the water will hydrate your body.

Here’s another tasty suggestion: If you’ve got a case of the winter blues, nothing drives it away faster than a delicious taste of summer!

Wishing you good health through wise nutrition (and delicious hydration).

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